The COVID-19 vaccine has finally arrived.

It is expected the success of the vaccine’s rollout will largely have to do with the efficiency of hospital communications. This means hospitals are leading the way for more than just their expected audiences. Enterprises of all kinds will be paying attention to what communication strategies work and what doesn’t. 

Hospitals like Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital, an independent healthcare provider located in Dixon, Illinois, have already proven how much can change after the introduction of a structured video communications strategy using Cyrano Video.



Whether it is a physician providing after-care instructions to a patient, a team leader providing breaking news for those administering the vaccine or the hospital communicating to the public about recipient lists, Cyrano simplifies the video communications process.

The CyranoApp and Desktop Extension provide hospital administrators and doctors the video tools to quickly update their teams and patients from their smartphone with studio level quality. 

Consistency in video communications reinforces the branding of large publicly funded hospitals and establishes the growing brands of small private hospitals. Hospitals using Cyrano will see not only are physician video engagements valuable but so is the ability to have unlimited community outreach. 

As more and more information becomes available regarding the COVID-19 vaccine, it’s imperative these hospitals have a trusted and relied on communications source to keep their teams informed on everything going on. 

With Cyrano’s technology, leaders now have the ability to record and distribute professional quality communications as frequently as they want.