Strengthening Nurse Recruitment with Cyrano Video

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Attracting top-tier talent is crucial for any successful facility or hospital, especially when it comes to hiring nurses.


A Hospital & Healthcare Compensation Services (HCS) survey, published in 2021, found the national turnover rate for RNs increased from 34.81% in 2020 to 40.45% in 2021, while CNA turnover also increased from 41.08% to 45.87% during the same period.

A recruitment video, instead of a text-based job description, not only establishes a connection with the hiring team and leadership, but also attracts the attention of professionals who could make a huge impact with both staff and patients.

Here’s an example of how Ortho Carolina has utilized Cyrano for their recruitment efforts:



A Few Tips For These Videos Include:

  1. Be authentic! The way you present yourself and your facility in the video will determine the types of candidates you will attract.
  2. Don’t be afraid to talk about the good and the bad. Transparency will help ensure you hire the right fit for the position.
  3. Explain what makes your organization unique or a unifying goal.
  4. Highlight special employees.
  5. Empathizing (especially with nurses) about the job search.

Cyrano Recruitment Bumper example: 

Videos are easier to share and consume quickly, which means they receive more traction on social media. Giving your recruitment extra reach and exposure. And while making recruitment videos can become big budget items for many organizations, with a Cyrano subscription, all you need is an iPhone.

Show your authenticity and your dedication to being the best communicator you can be with Cyrano Video.