Hi, we’re Cyrano!

Our Story

Cyrano got its start as a tool for making life easier.

Founders Andy Monin and Gopal Koratana first partnered in 2004 when they founded Vendormate, Inc. As they experienced hyper-growth, the two needed to ensure everyone was on the same page. Email wasn’t getting the job done and no other communication tool could meet all their needs.

So in 2016, shortly after Vendormate’s sale, Andy and Gopal set out to create a better way to engage employees, customers, and prospects through video.

Since then, Cyrano has developed into the most robust enterprise video platform on the market, helping the healthcare industry and hospitals alike create secure, efficient, and affordable video strategies that meet all their communication needs.

Our Name

Cyrano comes from the 19th century play “Cyrano de Bergerac”.
The titular character writes poems for his friend to help him win the heart of an heiress.

Like Cyrano, we help our customers know what to say –
and when and how to say it.

Our Beliefs

Every Leader Wants to be a Better Communicator

Video is the best way for leaders to stay visible and connected as they share important news or information across large organizations.

Anyone Can Become an On-Camera Professional

With our solution, we revolutionize the video production process by streamlining tasks to lower the cost.

An Informed Video Strategy is a Successful Video Strategy

A phased approach, with detailed viewership data, is the best way to understand your engagement and grow your video-centric enterprise. 

Engaged Employees = Engaged Patients

Asynchronous video is critical to building a successful communications strategy. It provides more flexibility and is more considerate of employee time.

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