Meet Your Creatives

An Entire Creative Team at Your Fingertips!

Cyrano’s Creative Service Team is composed of video editors, graphic designers and sound engineers who specialize in creating excellent video content following the customer’s direction.

We Specialize in Video Perfection

General Design

Every Cyrano customer receives a portable backdrop along with their Studio Kits to insure baseline video quality. Customers also receive a logo overlay, thumbnail, and animated lower thirds, bumpers, and transitions that match their branding and create a consistent look between videos.

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Pro-Edited Videos

In need of something a little more special? No problem! Our team of designers will develop custom animated content that will both engage and resonate with your desired audience! We also offer voice overs provided by professional voice actors. Subscriptions allot monthly creative hours for pro-edits – and it’s up to you to decide how to spend them!

Quality Assurance

Our team of experienced video editors do their best to cover any recording accidents you might have! Color correction, shine reduction, camera shake, poor framing, audio levels and more can be adjusted in post-production.

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