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Here’s how Cyrano video can increase customer loyalty

Few things are as important as making sure a customer is satisfied. Cyrano helps an organization’s Customer Support team connect with their customers through asynchronous video. Whether you’re detailing important information, showcasing analytics or helping customers connect with their teammates, Cyrano displays superior performance and develops customer loyalty.  

Quarterly Customer Account Review 

It’s always important to keep the customer informed on new or incoming trends. Detailing important information or statistics is difficult to do with text-based options. Cyrano has two tools to help Customer Support create on demand videos that are both easy to use and effective. The Cyrano Chrome Extension allows users to capture themselves as well as important analytics on the same screen. This way the user can point out certain statistics and detail where they go in the future. If the presentation is taking place on a live call, Cyrano’s Zoom Integration will record the meeting and then automatically send it out to not only those who were on the call, but also to those who were not able to attend. This way everyone stays in the loop, no matter where they are. 


Product Setup

Who wants to continually record the same content for customer after customer? With Cyrano, you don’t have to anymore thanks to our video repository! Record one video, featuring the product and its use cases using the CyranoAPP or Chrome Extension. Save and store it in Cyrano and then send it out to whomever you want. Cyrano allows you to share it several different ways: send the program as is, record a personalized introduction to the program or embed the video on to your website! 


Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is vital to the success of any organization, big or small. Cyrano offers a variety of ways for healthcare facilities to engage with their patients and receive information on how they can improve. When sending a video to a customer, employees can add a Call to Action banner asking for feedback about the product or service and how it might be improved. This feature is also available through SMS text, giving the viewer the option of watching and responding immediately. 

Reporting Bugs and Issues

Staying on top of troubleshooting can be a difficult task. The Chrome Extension clears up any misinterpretation, giving users the ability to easily screen record and explain the issue. However, what about not knowing where to send the program? By creating a template and channel for specific situations, say reporting website bugs or issues, viewers who follow that channel are automatically able to be notified once a video is published, allowing the issues to be addressed immediately. 


Training Videos

Training seminars can be a lot to take in for employees. There’s usually a lot of information crammed into a short time frame, followed by a packet of papers. Instead, managers can utilize Cyrano’s recording tasks to nudge team members to record specific details vital to the training. Each video can be scripted out, making sure all key details are mentioned. Once each program is completed, Cyrano will piece it all together to make one video that can be watched at the employee’s convenience, allowing for more productivity and saving time. And thanks to Cyrano’s analytics, managers can track who watched the video and how much of it was viewed to make sure everyone receives the important information. 

Support Team Onboarding

Onboarding a new team member can be time consuming for both the new employee and the team. Cyrano’s Triggered Campaign simplifies the process for everyone involved! Once the new employee arrives, their name is added to the campaign, which then sends every video pertinent to their needs. 

New employees can also record a video bio to introduce themselves. Their manager can send a welcome message along with a recording task, asking for the new employee to record a video which captures who they are and what they are interested in. Between the CryanoAPP and the Chrome Extension, new employees have multiple options to create a video that can be recorded easily from their phone or desk and can be published on social media accounts or embedded on websites.


Customer Renewals

It’s well known that keeping an existing customer is cheaper than finding a replacement. So put a focus and emphasis on ensuring your existing customers feel valued. This the first step towards a successful renewal campaign. While coordinating schedules for a face-to-face meeting can be a challenge, account managers or executives can create personal video messages with the Chrome Extension or CyranoAPP, expressing appreciation while demonstrating the customer’s importance to the business.  

Account managers can provide a video account review highlighting the activity and success the customer has had with your products and services.  And executives can lay out the vision of the company and describe how short term and long term product development programs will impact the customer.  

Custom Recording Modes for Customer Service 

HD Capture

Step in front of the camera to welcome new team members or discuss customer renewals face-to-face with your audience in beautiful 4K quality. Speak hands-free and with our teleprompter assistance, you can focus on the topic at hand!  

HD Capture + Pro Editing

Turn your training and product demo videos into pro edits with the help of our production team. Our editors will trim your footage, clean up your audio and edit the whole thing together with some motion graphics.


Camera shy? No worries. Cyrano’s Chrome Extension supports screen sharing, so you don’t have to be on camera to get in front of your organization. Our extension lets you present slides, share documents or explore websites to help take your quarterly customer account review to the next level.

Screenshare + HD Capture

Bring a personal touch to when reporting on bugs or when providing customer feedback by recording your screen and yourself at the same time. Toggle between documents, slides, website, your camera and anything else you want to share.


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