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Hear firsthand how Cyrano is changing the way healthcare organizations communicate with staff and patients.

Tom Demarco
Director of Business Management
Lincoln Prairie Behavioral Health

“Whether you're a small community hospital or you're part of a large system like Dignity Health, I think the Cyrano platform can be very helpful to enhance your communications. You can work with the team to find what works best for your budget and create a plan that will help you to be successful in enhancing your communications.”

Natasha ShowsInternal Communications Director at Dignity Health

Dignity Health


“Positives are that staff feel highlighted. They feel recognized for the job well done...we can't overlook that people need to find fulfillment in their job. So Cyrano creates a place that we can highlight people that do really well.”

Bruce RiceCEO at Fairmount Behavioral Health Center

“As we transitioned to Cyrano, the response was so positive. People enjoyed seeing a friendly and familiar face but they also appreciate the communication vehicle. Cyrano has been a great way to communicate with our staff.”

A.J. WilhelmiPresident & CEO at Illinois Health and Hospital Association

“Cyrano has been an incredible partner. The entire team has been amazing, very personable, very professional and there is no one else who would have gotten me in front of the camera. They are really, really good at keeping us on track with our videos and giving us clear directions on what we need to do to engage with our audience.”

Tammy WellsAdministration & Education Coordinator at Kentucky Hospital Association

“What's great about Cyrano is you can tell your story to anyone: local community, policymakers, team members, medical staff and to your patients as well. We've done that for the last 20 months, and we found it to be very simple to use.”

Rich RasmussenPresident & CEO at Montana Hospital Association

“I thoroughly enjoyed the video production process. It’s a great opportunity to show our patients the spectrum of services we offer. The recording process is extremely easy and fun, and I would highly recommend it to any urologist in the world!”

Vik SabarwalUrologist at Medtronic/Advanced Urology

“I love showing my patients videos because I feel like pictures speak a thousand words. This is a great way for them to get to know me as a doctor. The Cyrano Process is simple. The team is great to work with and I get to put my own personality into each video!”

Gayle GoldsteinOphthalmologist at Georgia Eye Partners

“You must have videos in today’s society. Who better to use than Cyrano to help you integrate them into your system. I think (Cyrano) is easier to use than some of the other platforms and the videos are also a lot higher in quality.”

Tariq HakkyUrologist at Coloplast/ Atlanta Cosmetic Urology

Siri Nelson
President & CEO
Marshall Medical Center

Dave Schreiner
President & CEO
KSB Hospital

Amanda Polacek
Marketing Coordinator
Kearney Regional Medical Center

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