Cyrano Style Packages

Choose your favorite option from our style package library

Set a Default Package for All Your Videos

Get a consistent, branded look for your videos!
Let your Video Expert know which package you’d like to be your organization’s default. If you change your mind later on, we’ll revise any evergreen public content to include your new style package.

Select One Package for a Specific Project

Doing something different for one video or a series?
Declare the name of the package in your Pro-Edit request, and our team will create a branded version just for you.

Packages Include:

  • Intro and Outro
  • Transition
  • Text Slide
  • Logo Overlay
  • Lower Third

Customizable Aspects:

  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Logo Bug
  • Backgrounds

Click Each Package to View

Stay tuned for edits and new packages!

Option 1: Simple

Option 2: Underline

Option 3: Highlight

Option 4: Bars

Option 5:

Option 6:

Option 7:
Frosted Glass

Option 8:

Option 9:
Spinning Squares

Option 10:
Fold Over