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Weekly Observances 1:58

Members of the Georgia Hospital Association’s leadership team honor and celebrate their staff during the 2021 Nurses Week!

CEO Update 3:22

Siri Nelson, Marshall Medical Center’s CEO, encourages her staff to get the COVID-19 Vaccine. She also celebrates her staff for coming together when faced with difficult times caused by the California wild fires.

Daily Video Updates 4:12

Gulf Coast Health Care’s Kim Warnecke, Chief People Officer, launches a special content to award winners with cases of Smartwater.

Employee Recognition 1:38

Lincoln Prairie Behavioral Center’s Tom DeMarco, Director of Business Development, introduces the “You Make a Difference” video series.

Cyrano Customer Testimonials

Siri Nelson

President & CEO, Marshall Medical Center

Tom DeMarco

Director of Business Management,
Lincoln Prairie Behavioral Health

David Schreiner

President & CEO, KSB Hospital

Amanda Polacek

Marketing Coordinator, Kearney Regional Medical Center