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This article explains the basics of our Campaign Builder on the Cyrano website


What are Campaigns?

Campaigns are a way to easily send recurring or one-time videos at a scheduled time to a group of peoples or channels. They provide a framework to easily keep up with a video series or important messages. For more information on the different types of Campaigns and their many uses please read below.

Where can I find Campaign Builder?

To access your Campaign Builder, navigate to the Create tab on the left side menu of the website and click on Campaigns . This will open up your Campaign grid.

What are the different types of Campaigns?

There are 3 different and unique types of Campaigns that you can take advantage of.

  • One-Off Campaign : A One-Off campaign is similar to a program (for more information on programs, see our article on Programs) that you send out only once. These are one time videos that you can send to a large group of people, an individual, or a channel (for more information on channels, see our article on Channels). Examples of uses for One-Off Campaigns include holiday messages or important news.
  • Triggered Campaign : In a Triggered campaign you create the message and content and then when you add the audience it will send out the content. These are great for a new customer or employee welcome videos.
  • Recurring Campaign : Recurring campaigns are a campaign that you can use to upload content to a specifically designed framework that will go out at set intervals. These are great for scheduled videos that need to go out on a recurring basis, such as Weekly Updates.

Creating a Campaign

Here are the general steps to create a campaign. To begin the process, click the “Add Campaign” button in the top right corner of the screen and select the type of campaign you wish to create.
1. Choose your Audience – Here you can decide whether to send your campaign through email , meaning viewers can login to Cyrano to view the media in the app or watch it directly in their email, or you can choose to publish this campaign in Cyrano meaning views will have to login to the app to view it.
2. Broadcast or Personalized – After selecting your audience you now will choose to broadcast the same video message to all the audience or send each individual a personalized video.
3. Naming Your Campaign – Next you will be taken to the screen where you can name and describe (optional) your campaign. When you are ready, click the button at the bottom labeled “Create Campaign”
4. Campaign Schedule – The first step to formatting your campaign is to decide when the campaign will go live or send your videos. For Recurring Campaigns this is where you will set your recurring timeframe. Click the “Manage Schedule” button to the right of the screen and input when you would like your campaign to start.
5. From – Here you can select who the video will be coming from. This is the person that will be recording the video.
6. Audience – Here you can select who will receive your video message. This can be a Contact, Contact list, or Cyrano channel depending on your previous choices.
7. Message Content – Here is where you will build what the email will look like. This includes the email subject, the option to include a personalized greeting for contacts with a first name in the systems, the email body, and a call to action. Examples of a Call to Action are a link for the viewer to be directed to or a button to reply automatically to your email.
8. Media Content – This is the cornerstone of your campaign. Here you can add intro and outro media and choose from the following options

  • Add Existing Media: This is used when you already have your video recorded and ready to go in Cyrano. If you have the video on your computer but forgot to upload it to Cyrano, use the Manage Media link towards the bottom to be taken to a new tab of Cyrano where you can upload your video.
  • Add Recording Task: This is one of Cyrano’s special features. This will allow you to prompt someone to record video content for this campaign. Once they have recorded it the video will be included in the campaign and sent out at its preset time. You can choose from your list of Cyrano users including yourself and select when the notifiation for their recording will be sent to them as well as a recording script or talking points that will appear when they record.

9. Thumbnail – This is where you can choose the image people will see when the video appears in their email or Cyrano feed.

These next steps are not required for your Campaign but provide a few extra options.

10. Email Layout – Here you can choose what the layout of your email will look like when your viewers receive your video message.
11. Compliance/Audit/Training – Here you can edit a few unique settings in your campaign. You can choose to require your campaign be approved by someone before going live (for more information on approvals, see our Approvals artical), whether or not your campaign can be shared with individuals outside your organization and then whether or not to require verification before viewing, and if you want to publish your campaign to a channel for training or auditing purposes
12. Settings – A few extra settings your can play with are the time zone with which the campaign schedule will operate (by default it is the time zone listed in your profile), the campaign end date, and the duration of the campaign.


If this article did not fully answer any questions you have, please email us at with your name, organization, and question. We will answer your question(s) as soon as possible and update this page to better help answer future questions.


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