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Creating Media

This article will explain what media is in Cyrano and how you can create it. To learn how to access or modify already-created media, please read this article instead.

What is Media?

In the context of Cyrano, media are raw recorded video messages, MP3s, or links that can be used to create programs. (See our article about Programs)

Creating Media

Cyrano gives you two ways to create media:

Quick Record

This option is always available from the left sidebar, centered at the bottom. Click this icon [icon color=”Accent-Color” size=”small” icon_size=”” image=”fa-video-camera”] to be taken to the New Media page.

From the Media Page

At the top right of this page are two options for adding media:

Bulk Upload will allow you to quickly add multiple media from your hard drive to Cyrano. Drag and drop the desired media into the side menu and wait a few minutes while everything uploads.

Add Media will take you to the New Media page.

The New Media Page

On this page you have access to Cyrano’s many recording options. On the left, fill in the text boxes with all the details you want to share about your media, including its name and description, talking points to help you stay on track while recording, and any tags you want to use to make searching for your media easier in the future. (See our articles about The Teleprompter and Tagging Media)

On the right, choose your method of recording:

Camera uses your selected camera to record video and audio.

Screen records your monitor, or a specified window.

Cam & Screen records your monitor AND uses your selected camera to provide a small overlay of recorded video and audio.

Mic uses your selected microphone to record ONLY audio. This is great for recording voice overs or even podcasts! (See our article about Podcasts)

Upload allows you to select a video or audio file from your hard drive to upload to Cyrano.

URL Link can be used to upload media from the web to Cyrano. Depending on what URL you use, the media will render as a video or as a link to the website. To use this method, paste a URL into the text field and press enter to submit it.

Beneath these recording methods are a few more options you can use to modify your media:

Special Media Category – If you’d like, you can place the media in one of these categories to find it more easily in the future.

Settings – Adjust these settings to affect the longevity of your media, who can access it in your organization, and who the author is.

When you’re all finished, be sure to click Save at the top right. Find your new media along with all your others on the Media page.

Contact Support

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