How to enable cross site tracking

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This article will help explain how to disable the settings on Safari and Chrome web browsers that prevent cross site trafficking that results in videos embedded from Cyrano being unable to be played.


If you are trying to view a video embedded from Cyrano on a website but are encountering messages such as “This video is blocked by your browser.” or “It seems this video is from a third party host.” then you may need to adjust some of your browser settings in order to view Cyrano content. Here are the steps to do this using the Safari browser (desktop and mobile) and the Chrome browser.

Safari (Desktop)

1)  Go to Safari -> Preferences -> Privacy

2) Unchack the box labled “Prevent Cross-Site Tracking. Reload the webpage. This should allow you to view Cyrano videos on webpages hosted on the Safari browser.

After you have viewed the Cyrano video, if you want to re-check the box preventing cross site tracking for other websites you can do so. However you will have to uncheck the box in the future if you run into the same problem again.

Safari (Mobile)

1) On your iPhone, tap Settings -> Safari


2) Scroll down to Privacy and Security -> unselect Prevent Cross-Site Tracking

3) You can also uncheck “Block all Cookies” if you want to allow all cookies.

You should now be able to view Cyrano content!

Chrome (Desktop)

1) Type chrome://settings in your browser or click the icon in the top right corner of your browser and click Settings

2) Go to Privacy and Security -> Cookies and other site data

3) Uncheck the option for Block 3rd Party Cookies