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This article explains the features and navigation of the Cyrano Inbox on the mobile app.


What appears in my Inbox?

Your Inbox is where all of the Programs that you receive can be found (for information on programs, see Programs). Similar to a mail inbox, programs that were sent directly to you, programs sent to a group of users that you are a part of, and programs sent to a channel that you are subscribed to can all be found here (for information on channels, see Channels). Your inbox on your mobile app functions in the same manner as your Feed on the Cyrano website (for more information on your feed, see our Feed article)

Navigate your Inbox

Once you have opened the Cyrano mobile app, you will be redirected to your inbox if you have no Recording Tasks. The inbox contains three filters for displaying video messages:

  • New– contains all messages not yet viewed by you
  • Opened– contains all messages that have previously been viewed by you
  • Library– contains all messages, new and opened

Your inbox has several features allowing you to easily distinguish video messages, as well as interact with them:

  • On this screen, you will see thumbnail images for each video in your inbox. In the bottom right-hand corner of these thumbnails, there is a timestamp of each video’s duration
  • Underneath the thumbnail you will see a message’s subject in bold text with the description of the message below
  • If you wish to search for a specific video, tap the icon in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Once you select a program to view, there are several features available

  • The number of views, likes, and comments a program has is displayed under the video when the program is selected and can be tapped to view each respective list.
  • You can tap the heart icon underneath the video to “like” the program.
  • You can tap the comment button to leave a comment on the program.
  • If the video message is shareable, then a share button will appear to the right of the comment icon which would allow you to republish that video message on any social platform of your choosing
  • You can tap the Email Externally icon in the top right corner to send this program to an external email.
  • You may also see all the comments left on this program by scrolling down from the video.


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