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This article explains the purpose and usage for the items found under Media on the Cyrano website.


What is Media?

Your media are raw recorded video messages, MP3s, or links that can become the main content of a completed program  (for information on programs, see Programs)

Accessing your Media

On Cyrano’s webpage, access your and others media by navigating to the Create tab on the left side of your screen. There you will see the tab under Assets labeled Media . Click on this to access and navigate through all the media in the system.

  • Initially you will be shown every media from every user. To just see your personal media, switch off the “Include All Authors” toggle button located at the top of your screen.
  • Associated with each media is its status. “Draft” indicates it is not finalized and unavailable for use until it is completed. “Available” indicates that the media is available for use in a program and “Live” indicates it is currently being used in a program.
  • You will also be able to see the format of each media, whether its URL or Video
  • To the left of each media are the icons allowing you to edit or delete it. Click to view the media, rename it, or edit the description and/or script. Click to remove the media from your media. If a media is available and is preview able, you may click to preview your media before using it.
  • You may sort and search for media by Name, Status, Author, and Last Updated


Creating new Media

If you wish to create media in the system you may do this one of two ways. The first is best for single uploads. Click the Media button located in the top right hand corner. You will then have the chance to name the media and give a description as well as a script. You now have several options:

  1. Record Video: You may use this option to record the media then and there. Note: We cannot control the quality of your video if you choose to record using your browser. To record from your computer in 1080p quality, see our Chrome Plug-in article. Note: We highly recommend recording videos through the Cyrano mobile app.
  2. Record Audio: You may use this to record audio using your browser.
  3. Embed URL: If your media is web based (Youtube video for example), embed the link to the video here.
  4. Upload: If the media has already been recorded and is on your computer, this allows you to browse your computers files and select it.

If you have multiple media already stored on your computer, you may also use the Bulk Upload button to drag and drop multiple files. This will cause a window to pop up allowing you to quickly drag and drop your media.


If this article did not fully answer any questions you have, please email us at with your name, organization, and question. We will answer your question(s) as soon as possible and update this page to better help answer future questions.


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