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This article explains the purpose and usage for the items found under Programs on the Cyrano website. For information on programs using the Cyrano mobile app, see our Your Programs article. If you were hoping to send a recording Task through this workflow, visit our Scripts page.


What are Programs?

Programs are completed works that are ready to be sent out or have been sent out. They consist of a thumbnail through which viewers can visually distinguish the video by, the recorded video content, intros and outros, and any desired subtext (for information on clips, see Media).

Access your Programs

On Cyrano’s webpage, access your programs by navigating to the Create tab on the left side of your screen. There you will see the tab labeled Programs. Click on this to access and navigate through your programs or create a new program.

  • You can filter all programs on the channel(s) they were sent to by clicking individual channels at the top of the screen. Only programs associated with the selected channel will be shown.
  • Next to each program you will see its status. If it has been sent out and can be viewed you will see “Live”. If it is still being finalized or is finalized but has not been sent out yet it will read “Draft”. If it has already gone live and the Expiry Date has passed it will read “Published”
  • You may also preview the programs statistics, such as views, shares and likes
  • The Go Live Date indicates when it is set to become a viewable program and after this date it will remain viewable until the Expiry Date


Creating/Editing Programs

In addition to containing an archive of completed programs, Your Programs also features the ability to edit and prepare recorded media in order to send them out (we highly recommend recording content using the mobile app to ensure the highest quality video). Here are the necessary steps:

  1. Click the Program button in the upper right hand corner of your screen.
  2. Select a clip or clips to make up your completed video message. If you wish to see not just your media but all media, simply check the box labeled “All Media” at the top of your screen. You may skip this step if you do not have the necessary media yet and can come back to add them later.
  3. Once you have selected your media, click Continue to select your template  (for information on templates, see Templates). If you do not wish to use a template, click Skip.
  4. The selected template will have a preset message subject and description, however you may edit those if desired. The selected template will also inherit the recipients of the video message. You may skip this step if you do not wish to use a template.
  5. On the next page, under the Intro tab, you will be able to name your program, add a thumbnail, select the author, and add a description. If you wish to include a personalized greeting make sure that you have that box checked.
  6. The Media tab will let you go over your Media again and allow you to add more that you may have forgotten or remove unwanted media.
  7. The Preview tab will allow you to see what your program will look like when it is sent out. You may also add headers and footers  (for information on headers/footers, see Intros & Outros),  and include an exit survey or Call to Action.
  8. In the Finalize tab you may do several different things to your program
  • Publication Settings: Here you may edit the Go Live and Expiry dates for your program as well as adjust other settings.
  • Publish to Cyrano Channels(Optional): Here you may select which channels you want your program to be published to.
  • Publish to Cyrano Users(Optional): Here you may select additional Cyrano users to receive your program.
  • Publish to Contacts List(Optional): Here you may select a list of users to receive your program.
  • Publish to Contact(Optional): Here you may input external non-Cyrano users to receive the program in an email.

Once you are satisfied with your program, click Finalize.


If this article did not fully answer any questions you have, please email us at with your name, organization, and question. We will answer your question(s) as soon as possible and update this page to better help answer future questions.


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