Using Our Text Editor

This article will explain how to use the Cyrano Text Editor found on our website and help walkthrough the solutions to a few common issues.



An image I copy and pasted from my clipboard is broken.

If you are trying to paste an image (for example from a Word Document or email) and the image is not appearing correctly, the best way to solve this is to download that image to your device and upload it through the editor instead of using Copy and Paste. For additional tips on how to easily format your text, read the Best Practices section below.


How to I add or remove a border to/from my email signature?

If you tried to copy and paste text from another source and you see borders around the text that are not supposed to be there, highlight the text and navigate to the Paragraph menu . Select the dropdown menu for Paragraph styles and make sure the “Border” option is not selected.



Where can you find the Text Editor in Cyrano?

There are several places you will encounter our Text Editor:

  1. Professional Profile: Creating/Editing your Email Signature
  2. Campaigns: Creating a Campaign
  3. Programs: Add Program
  4. Scripts: Add Script
  5. Templates: Add Template
  6. Media: Add Media


What features does the Text Editor have?


In our text editor you have many of the standard text editing options including:

  • Bold:
  • Italics:
  • Underline:
  • Text Alignment:
  • Lists:
  • Insert Links:
  • Insert Images:
  • Insert Videos:

If you want to customize you text even further, under the Text Options you have the ability to utilize several more functions, including:

  • Strikethrough
  • Subscript:
  • Superscript:
  • Font:
  • Font Size:
  • Text Color:
  • Background/Highlight Color:

Some very useful tools for email signatures and formatting can be found by clicking the icon. This will expand the paragraph bar where you can find Paragraph Format, Paragraph Style, Alignment, and Line Height.

If you want to utilize more insert options, click the icon to take advantage of:

  • Insert Table:
  • Emoticons:
  • Special Characters: Ω
  • Upload a File:
  • Insert a Horizontal Line:

Once you are satisfied with your text, click the Update or Save button located toward the bottom of the editor. At any point if you wish to clear all the text/images and start over, you can click the Clear button.


How do I insert images?

Inserting images is a very useful tool that can help you customize your email signature or email message and there are several ways you can accomplish this. 

  1. Upload an image from your computer: To upload an image that you have saved on your computer, begin by clicking the icon in the top right corner of the editor and select the icon. This will allow you to open up your devices files and select the image you wish to upload.
  2. Image URL: If you have an image located online and want to upload it using the URL, click of the link icon and paste in the URL.


Best Practices 

Here are some tips to help you utilize our Text Editor to its best capacity.

Creating an Email Signature

If you are having trouble transferring an email signature to our Text Editor, here are some steps to recreate a great looking email signature.

  1. Insert a table into the Text Editor
  2. Format the cells to create a customizable layout for your signature
  3. Upload images into the cells where you wish the images to be located
  4. Type in any information you desire into your chosen cells
  5. Select the No Border option for the cells to make the table hidden.
  6. Now you have a great looking email signature!



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