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Leadership communications unite and engage organizations 

Now more than ever, employees want to feel connected with their leaders and teams. There’s no better way to create that connection than with leadership communications through asynchronous video. Let Cyrano provide your organization with a shared view of progress and purpose.

Weekly Kickoff Messages

During times of dramatic change and crisis, employees rely on leadership for guidance. Whether you are a new CEO or one who has been at the helm for years, it’s imperative to communicate directly to your employees. Cyrano simplifies the entire process, allowing you to record professional-looking and sounding video. Our Pop-Up Studio Kit turns any room into your own personal recording studio. And with CyranoAPP’s Power Recording Mode, you can knock out multiple messages all in a couple of minutes. Finally, our distribution engine shares your message through email, SMS, or integrations such as SLACK, ensuring everyone sees your message. 

Making Introductions

Having the CEO, team director or direct manager, record a personal message saying “welcome to the team” can not only introduce leadership but also demonstrate to the new hire their importance to the company. All the leader has to do is access the Recording Tasks and Triggered Campaigns in the CyranoAPP and hit record. A Triggered Campaign is set up by the content manager inside Cyrano. Once the video is ready, it is sent off to the team member. Now not only do they feel part of the organization, but they also have information on how to do their job more effectively. 


Company Onboarding

Nothing stands out more to a new employee than hearing from leadership during their first day. Cyrano makes that connection simple and immediate. Leaders can create a personalized video welcoming the new employee, introducing themselves and speaking about how excited they are about the new hire. Thanks to Cyrano’s unlimited storage, leadership can attach multiple pre-recorded programs to the video to help provide more detail about the organization, it’s culture and fun facts. The new employee can watch and rewatch the video as many times as they like, helping them ease into the new position. 


Quarterly or End of Year Updates

The days of leadership delivering timely updates from behind a podium are over. With Cyrano, leaders can create videos to highlight an organization’s year and provide visual examples of what’s next and what needs to be improved. With the Pop-Up Studio Kit, a CEO can record a presentation in his or her office. The Chrome Extension allows for an in depth video explanation and with our Recording Tasks, multiple speakers can be a part of the presentation. Our analytics allow leadership to view who watched the video, making sure everyone is up-to-date. 


Custom Recording Modes for Leadership

HD Capture

Step in front of the camera to make an introduction or welcome new employees face-to-face with your audience in beautiful 4K quality. Speak hands-free and with our teleprompter assistance, you can focus on the topic at hand!  

HD Capture + Pro Editing

Turn your weekly kickoff messages into pro edits with the help of our production team. Our editors will trim your footage, clean up your audio and edit the whole thing together with some motion graphics.


Camera shy? No worries! Cyrano’s Chrome Extension supports screen sharing, so you don’t have to be on camera to get in front of your organization. Our extension lets you present slides, share documents, explore websites, or anything else you can fit on your screen.

Screenshare + HD Capture

Bring a personal touch to your quarterly or end of year video updates by recording your screen and yourself at the same time. Toggle between documents, slides, website, your camera and anything else you want to share.


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