Cyrano’s New Features and Upgrades


Introducing caption editing software and customizable Share Pages!

May 11, 2021



Closed captions are an important part of any video content. Our latest release focuses on this vital tool, specifically allowing you to edit all auto generated captions and transcripts. This ensures all text is synchronized with and mirrors the video’s audio. You can make whatever changes are necessary, preview how it will look with the video and save when the update is ready to go. All captions are also timestamped, so you know exactly when it will take place in the video. In addition for those who rather read than watch, you can download a video’s full transcript.

This release also unveils eight brand new Share and Playback Page options for Programs and Campaigns! These pages were each individually created to work in specific situations, everything from marketing campaigns to creating a video brochure. All of these pages allow your content to take center stage, thanks to a sleek design which enables the description and media clips to expand and collapse into a slide-out.

Works well with fewer media files:

This page is perfect for telling your story, or your product’s story, by making your video and Call to Action the primary focus. This option works best for introducing yourself, your service, and or product.
Best Fit: Team updates or presentations

With a minimal and clean look the Light option enables your content to take center stage.
Best Fit: Team updates or presentations

Like the Light option, One-Color has a minimal design, with a nod to your brand’s color. Best Fit: Introductions, team updates and presentations

Give your audience a branded playback experience with the Two-Tone option. The minimal design adds your organization colors to the background and provides focus on your content.
Best Fit: Introductions, team updates and presentations



Works well with more media files:

This page is an excellent way to break up a more extensive topic, with several media files, into digestible chapters. This page will allow the audience to focus on the specific media relevant to their needs.
Best Fit: Team updates or presentations

Breaking News The Breaking News layout incorporates a deep red color palette to help provide a sense of urgency. The design keeps your content front and center to relay crucial information to your audience.
Best Fit: Team updates or presentations

Step & Repeat
If you’re looking for a more branded playback experience, check out our Step & Repeat option. This design incorporates your organization’s logo by placing it throughout the background.
Best Fit: Company introductions or announcements, and sales presentations.

Finally, the Brochure playback page is the perfect way to create a video brochure. It is easy for viewers to navigate through media content and read any additional descriptions to help introduce or expand upon your products and services.
Best Fit: Team updates, presentations and sales.



Streamlining everything from publication alerts to approval processes! 

April 19, 2021


We’re very excited to announce this update introduces SMS/text alerts for newly published programs. After receiving the message, the audience can access and watch content right from their phone. This upgrade is especially helpful for breaking news or emergency situations.

Next up, customers can update published program’s details, including audience, description or Call to Action, without moving the content to draft mode first. Once updated, Cyrano will take care of notifying new audiences and give the customer control to renotify existing audiences.

We’ve improved trim functionality, allowing for multiple cuts in the same video, as well as a preview function to make sure the video is perfect.

This enhancement provides the option of downloading one media clip, several clips or an entire program, enabling customers to share large video files all within Cyrano. Finally, Cyrano’s approval process has been upgraded to add specific approvers. Once activated, a list of approvers will appear, allowing the creator to select who all needs to see the Campaign before it is published.



Introducing trimming and adding personal branding to your videos!

March 15, 2021

App Release Video 3.0

Cyrano’s latest release introduces a redesigned workflow with new video tools, providing you with more control and customization than ever before.

Remove unwanted sections of video with the new media trim feature and add presenter names and company logos to keep the video on brand. This upgrade also allows you to record HD video and audio directly from their browser by using the Cyrano Web App. No extensions or plugins are required. 

It’s very important to everyone at Cyrano that our users are comfortable with the interface and know how to navigate through it. That is why we created a new layout for both our video grids and media pages. This provides a more cohesive user experience, as well as a more intuitive design for adding authors, tags and Recording Tasks. 

Finally, in an effort to depict a more accurate representation of how many people viewed a program and for how long, this release provides an update to the layout and terminology of our analytics page.