Video to better gain brand exposure.

Gain more exposure and grow your business with Cyrano’s video platform.


Cyrano makes digital video marketing easier than ever before.

Cyrano gives you everything you need to grow your business with video. Cyrano’s recording, hosting, sharing, and analytics tools make video marketing easier. Share your videos through social media, or use videos into MailChimp and Sendgrid without distractions from ads or suggested video content. With Cyrano Analytics you can analyze what’s working.

Video for Generating Brand Exposure

Drive results by transforming your videos into lead generation machines. Create more sales-ready opportunities with email campaigns, embeds, landing pages and social media integrations to better engage, qualify and convert your prospects.

Video for Converting Customers

Gain greater insight into your most engaged leads and expedite the consumer journey. Convert faster with Cyrano's interactive video presentations and Cyrano Analytics that turn viewers into customers.

Video to Target Specific Audiences

Increase viewership by 2-5x with personalized video to drive results. Cut through the noise and better target specific audiences with customized videos that speak more personably to your specific viewers.

Video for Video Testimonials and Feedback

Use Cyrano's video platform to capture your customer's testimonials and Increase your brand credibility. Ask & assign customers who love your product to record video testimonials or record quick video feedback so you can publish and share it with everyone.

Cyrano Key Features for the Marketing.

Access on Any Device

Record in beautiful HD video from wherever on any device using Cyrano’s mobile popup studio kit, Chrome plugin, or mobile app.

Video Presentation Builder

Create custom video presentation for your customers. Easily stitch your videos together into a single video presentation with interactive chapters, links and relevant attachments.

Multi-Device Workflow

Assign, record, edit, watch, share, and measure your video presentations seamlessly between your desktop and mobile devices.

All HD up to 4k Streaming

Publish your video presentations all in HD streaming up to stunning 4K from anywhere on any device without distractions from ads or suggested video content you get with other services.

Approval & Editor Control

Check, edit, and approve videos before they are sent. Even edit videos after they are sent out and Cyrano will automatically update across every platform and device.

Sharing & Integrate

Publish & share any of your video presentations to social media, external emails, landing pages, and various integrations like Slack to generate more awareness.

Calls to Action & Engagement

Use Calls to Action (CTAs) to encourage your audience to take action right from your video landing page.

Tracking & Analytics

Use Cyrano Analytics to get insights on audience behavior on an even larger scale or do A/B Testing to find out what’s driving engagement.

Additional Features for the Sales.

  • White glove implementation process
  • All HD Streaming
  • Secured, Auditable Private Video Network
  • Role-based access control
  • Full Content HR/Editor Controls
  • Full Cloud-based storage
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Channels
  • Unlimited Videos
  • Unlimited Video Presentations
  • Unlimited Video Messages
  • Unlimited Authors
  • Reuse videos for video presentation
  • Reuse videos from Youtube, Vimeo, TEDTalk, etc
  • Built-in Analytics
  • Channel/Feed/Inbox
  • Mobile App Teleprompter
  • Desktop Key Talking Points
  • Fully searchable videos
  • Fully searchable video directory
  • Record & upload in any format on any device
  • Playback on any device
  • Custom Branding
  • Custom Thumbnails
  • Custom Intro & Outro Videos
  • Custom Surveys/Polls
  • CTA Call to Actions
  • G Suite SSO  
  • Share videos to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Share videos to Slack
  • Share videos with Partner Companies
Premium Add-Ons
  • Access to creative services
  • Customized portable backdrop
  • Automated Transcription & closed captioning
  • Premium ongoing support

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