Here’s How MHA is Using Cyrano

Video Examples from CEO Rich Rasmussen and His Team 

Update on House Bill 702 1:32

Rich Rasmussen addresses House Bill 702 and discusses a new tool kit, which is designed to help MHA members stay compliant with state law and other federal guidance.

“Stay the Course” Campaign 2:14

Rich Rasmussen, President & CEO, talks about MHA’s role in increasing public awareness in the fight against COVID-19. He also introduces the “Stay the Course” campaign, starring actor and Montana resident, Jeff Bridges.

Shodair Children Hospital’s New Facility 2:55

Rich Rasmussen and Craig Aasved, CEO of Shodair Children Hospital, discuss the Shodair’s impact across the state of Montana and how important the new facility will be for patients.

MHA President’s Message 1:49

Rich Rasmussen, President & CEO, highlights three powerful presentations which took place during the mid-year CEO Meeting.

Discoveries from the Economic Impact Study 3:26

Rich Rasmussen and Katie Peterson, Vice President of Communications for MHA, discuss the newly commissioned Economic Impact Study and how it can benefit members.

MHA Launches Frontier Psychiatry 3:26

Rich Rasmussen and Sean Becker, Vice President of Shared Services MHA Ventures, announced in February 2021 the launch of Frontier Psychiatry, a new company designed to provide a telepsychiatry solution to patients in need throughout the state of Montana.