Cyrano Video

At Cyrano Video, our services include top-notch video experts and editors.

Our team provides vital on-camera strategies and support to craft outstanding video content based around your vision.


We’ve designed a more efficient and effective approach to video creation that has been proven to work regardless of your video experience or healthcare industry. Our Video Experts hold strategy sessions with you to get a better understanding of the video concepts you want to create. From there, we break the ideas into similar groupings, categories and styles.

Every video has a corresponding storyboard, where the entire video, from scripting to on-camera talent to assets and branding, is mapped out. A recording date is then scheduled. These sessions can be as long as full day or as short as 1 hour. It all depends on how much content you want to create. But thanks to our Power Recording software, you’ll be able to record every video on your list in a simple and quick manner.

Once the videos are finalized and approved, our team will share best practices for where to publish the content, whether on the internet, intranet, social media or YouTube. But that’s not all! We’ll set up meetings with you each week to review engagement analytics in order to help you be even better next time.


We offer a 24-to-48 hour video turnaround.

At Cyrano, our Creative Service Team is a talented group of video editors, graphic designers, and sound engineers, all with one goal in mind: make your video dreams a reality. Post-production support includes:

  • Graphics & Animations
  • Watermarks
  • Stock Footage & B-Roll Content
  • Licensed Music
  • Color Correction
  • Sound Mastering
  • Custom Motion Packages
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Our team of designers develop custom animated content that will not only match your brand but engage and resonate with your desired audience. 

Finally, if you or your team can’t be on-camera, we’ve got you covered. We also offer No-Touch/Low-Touch video options, as well as voice-over and on-camera talent that help create your content, even if you can’t.


Being comfortable in front of the camera isn’t easy! That’s why we provide on-camera training that helps you look and sound more natural in your videos. Our team has hundreds of tips and tricks that will help make even the most camera shy individual an on-camera star!

On-Site Implementations allow our team to equip, enable and train you to become a Video First Communicator. These sessions focus on:

  • Essential software and hardware training
  • A developed video strategy for the coming year
  • Evergreen videos and extensive b-roll footage for you to use in future videos

These sessions provide an opportunity for you to gain confidence and understanding of the equipment, all while kick starting your video library. You will be on the road to success with Cyrano Video!

Cyrano has 100s of detailed storyboards perfect for the healthcare industry!

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