Create & Connect with Cyrano’s Chrome extension

Users can customize their video making experience thanks to the flexibility of Cyrano’s Chrome Extension.

The Cyrano Chrome extension allows you to customize the video recording process, enabling you to create dynamic content in a number of ways. Take the unexpected out of live video and take control of your video message today, with Cyrano’s Chrome Extension.

Recording modes to fit your needs:

On Camera

On Camera is a recording mode most creator’s are familiar with. Step in front of the camera to explain ideas and share thoughts face-to-face with the audience. Our extension allows the creator to speak hands-free and provides teleprompter assistance, so he or she can focus on the topic at hand. 

Screen Sharing

Creators who want their presentation to be the center of attention can choose this recording mode to dynamically discuss their content. Cyrano’s Chrome extension Screen Share option allows creators to display their presentation, giving the audience the ability to stay focused with what’s on the screen.

Camera + Screen Share

Of all the recording modes, Camera + Screen Share is far and away the most dynamic. This mode provides the best of both words: allowing the audience to simultaneously view a presentation on the own screen while watching the presenter discuss the content.


Sometimes a video isn’t always the best option. Cyrano’s Chrome extension provides the flexibility to allow creators to record audio to help get a message out to the audience, even when they can’t appear on camera. 

Chrome Extension Features

Pause & Restart

The Chrome Extension allows you to pause and restart any recording. This way any information can be added to the recording in a seamless manner, ensuring nothing is left out.


If you don’t like to be on camera, or mobile devices aren’t your thing, recording within the familiar layout of Chrome provides ease of navigation and peace of mind.

Assign Recording Tasks

Assign a recording task to colleagues or team members to add on to your presentation.

Switch Recording Modes

The extension's flexibility allows you to switch modes during recordings. Jump from share screen to audio-only and then to full camera to make help emphasize specific parts of the video.


With the Chrome Extension, you’ll never be left speechless again thanks to the built-in teleprompter.

Automated Sharing

Once a video is ready to be published, you can send it to wherever your audience is through Slack, email or SMS.

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