Bring the clarity of video automatically
with Cyrano’s Slack Integration

Cyrano’s Slack Integration uses the power of video to enhance conversations.

Automation is the key to Cyrano’s powerful Slack integration. An easy installation allows creators to get started quickly without an fuss. Once a video is published, it is automatically distributed to a team’s Slack channel, providing instant access to the new content. Users can share with as many Slack channels as needed, providing unlimited video conversations and presentations.

Slack Integration Features

Automated Sharing

Once a video is published it is automatically sent to any Slack channel for instant access, notifying every team member the video is ready to be viewed. This instant access to the content can not only keep conversations going but also keep team members updated.

Easy Installation

All it takes is a few clicks of the button to have access to Cyrano's Slack integration. Once installed, users can customize the settings to fit their organization’s needs and begin having conversations and sharing content with team members.

Unlimited Storage

While Slack charges for different tiers of storage, Cyrano does not. This allows an organization to worry about one less thing, and helps it store and distribute all video content from the same location, saving both time and money.

Unlimited Channels

Have a video that needs to be sent out to multiple viewers, in multiple channels? No problem. The Slack integration allows users to send a video to as many channels as needed to keep the conversation going!

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