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Sales team members wear many hats. Whether it’s chasing leads, reaching out to and working with clients or providing training, the more efficient a sales team is the more revenue comes into the company. Cyrano equips every sales team with video tools to help them not only make an authentic connection with clients but also develop eye-catching videos to show off products or train new team members. 


For today’s sales reps, the responsibility of building a full and robust sales funnel is challenging in a competitive marketplace. With Cyrano’s Power Recording abilities, you can effectively and efficiently reach all of your prospects, in a personalized way. Our video capabilities allow you to move away from the traditional cold call and gives your prospect an immediate and engaging connection. Selling with video increases clicks and responses, while also reducing costs.


The best way to build a relationship after an initial conversation is to follow up. In the past, this process has been accomplished through email or a phone call. Cyrano adds an entirely new element to the follow-up process thanks to the Chrome Extension and CyranoAPP. Show your product, tell your story and allow your audience to respond with Cyrano’s Call to Action Buttons. These videos allow you to engage, reemphasize and deliver your product or service in a memorable way! 


Product & Services Demos

There is no better way to sell your product than by showing exactly what it can do with a little help from Cyrano. Our Chrome Extension allows you to be on video and show your screen to walk through a PowerPoint, article, or website in order to deliver your message. 

On top of creating eye-opening content, the analytics you receive can drive your sales even further. Know which prospects are watching your videos, how long and when with our in-depth analytics. Send content to potential customers at different points in the sales process to move them further along!

Sales Team Onboarding

Hiring a new employee is an exciting and stressful time for all. Onboarding new hires can mean a disruption to your normal day-to-day business. Using Cyrano to create Onboarding and Training Campaigns, and develop video repositories with learning content, smooths the process and can alleviate confusion, making them feel a part of the team immediately.

A welcome message from the CEO, team director, or direct manager can introduce leadership, share the excitement of joining the company, emphasize the company’s values and express the hope for a productive career. With Cyrano video, you can train and equip your new sales rep with all of the tools they need to be successful! 


New Customer Welcome

Getting a new customer is an exciting time for all parties. So why not let Cyrano provide an extra special touch for a greeting! Make your new customer feel welcome by having your leadership send a personal video message. While the usual greeting involves an auto-generated email, Cyrano can send a personal video from your leadership and other marketing material explaining the next steps. All they need is the CyranoAPP and their Pop-Up Studio Kit. The best part is, this only takes a couple minutes of your team’s time. Cyrano does the rest! 


Custom Recording Modes for Sales

HD Capture

Step in front of the camera to reach out to or follow up with prospects face-to-face in beautiful 4K quality. Speak hands-free and with our teleprompter assistance, you can focus on the topic at hand! 

HD Capture + Pro Editing

Turn your sales onboarding and new customer welcome videos into pro edits with the help of our production team. Our editors will trim your footage, clean up your audio and edit the whole thing together with some motion graphics.


Camera shy? No worries. Cyrano’s Chrome Extension supports screen sharing, so you don’t have to be on camera to get in front of your organization. Our extension lets you present slides, share documents, explore websites, or anything else you can fit on your screen.

Screenshare + HD Capture

Bring a personal touch to your product and service demos by recording your screen and yourself at the same time. Toggle between documents, slides, website, your camera and anything else you want to share.


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