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Video biographies let physicians introduce themselves in a unique and personal way. There’s no need to wait for an in-person opportunity to establish positive connections with coworkers and patients!

There are tons of situations that can benefit from the personal touch of a video bio, such as About Us web pages, email signatures, and social media campaigns.

Watch some examples of Video Bios from our customers!

Physician Bio
CHI Health Women’s Health

Company Commercial
Shiver Hamilton Campbell

Conference Promo

Healthcare buildings can be daunting, so give visitors an overview of your facility beforehand! Prospective patients or employees will feel more comfortable when they walk into your facility if they know that you’re offering what they need.

Walk your viewers through the experience they can expect to have, and go over common questions and concerns to relieve some of your staff’s burdens.

Watch some examples of Facility Tours from our customers!

Southpaw On Call

Hospital Tour
Laurel Heights Hospital

Rehab Center Tour
The Brook Hospitals

Holiday videos allow you to have fun with your organization! It’s also important to celebrate observances as they happen, particularly when related to community healthcare.

Cyrano provides its customers with content calendars that keep you from missing out. Customize your calendar with all the events that are important to you and your patients.

Watch some examples of Holidays & Observances from our customers!

Winter Holidays
The Medical Center of Southeast Texas

Father’s Day
Saint Clare’s Health

Saint Clare’s Health

Whether in healthcare or the corporate world, your staff wants to be connected to their leadership. There’s no better way to create that connection than with leadership communications powered by Cyrano.

Leadership updates are an easy way to get in front of staff members and discuss a wide range of important topics.

Watch some examples of Leadership Updates from our customers!

Weekly Update
Marshall Medical Center

Breaking News
Great River Health

Ukraine PSA
Saint Clare’s Health

Patient communication is one of Cyrano’s priorities because better informed patients are healthier patients. Instead of inundating them with written explanations though, provide your patients with a concise and easily digestible video.

There’s an endless amount of information that can be shared, such as procedure explanations, drug recommendations, pandemic information, or donation requests.

Watch some examples of Patient Outreach from our customers!

Women’s Health

Pharmacy Wellness Tips
Saint Clare’s Health

FIFA Injury Prevention

A recruitment video immediately establishes a connection with the hiring team and leadership. It also sets your job listing apart from the rest, so you’ll have a better chance of attracting the attention of professionals who could make a huge impact on staff and patients.

Video can be used at every step of the recruitment process, including job listings, onboarding, and training.

Watch some examples of Recruitment from our customers!

Job Opening

Introducing New Hire
Montana Hospital Association


Showing your appreciation for your hardworking staff is essential for preventing turnover. Encourage and inspire staff with regular shout outs and celebrations in the form of video.

Awards and achievements should always be recognized! Don’t miss out on video opportunities like employee of the month, Daisy awards, or promotions.

Watch some examples of Staff Recognition from our customers!

Nurse’s Week
Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare

DAISY Awards
The Medical Center of Southeast Texas

Staff Thank You

Nothing comforts a patient quite like a firsthand success story. Share your successes as videos to transparently convey the effects of your procedures.

Success stories are useful outside of healthcare too! Consider using a video to quickly articulate successes in business or marketing strategies, or maybe to inform your community about the difference their donations are making.

Watch some examples of Success Stories from our customers!

Yvonne’s Story
CarolinaEast Medical Center

Caleb’s Story
Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare

PJ’s Story

Need Video Inspiration?

Our free storyboard workbook offers:
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  Blank DIY storyboards
  Recording tips and tricks
  and more!

Need Video Inspiration?

  Ideas, guides, and examples
  Blank DIY storyboards
  Recording tips and tricks
  and more!

Order Your FREE Copy!

Need Video Inspiration?

  Ideas, guides, and examples
  Blank DIY storyboards
  Recording tips and tricks
  and more!

Order Your FREE Copy!

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