Breaking News with the clarity of video messaging

Breaking News deserves more than the inbox

With the constant changes that fast-growing companies withstand, establishing a strong line of contact between leadership and the employees has become invaluable. Hearing a unified voice from the face of the company instills a sense of confidence that every employee’s issues and concerns are being addressed to the highest priority. With the use of Breaking News, Cyrano can help companies strengthen interpersonal relationships between leadership and employees. With this extremely efficient video platform, communication will be easier than ever with the ability for urgent information to be sent out in a time-sensitive manner, and additional features such as visual aids at your disposal.

Company-Wide Video Messaging

Breakout of composing time-consuming emails and address your entire organization in a single 'Breaking News' video message. Cyrano provides recording tasks with key talking points to better deliver breaking news.

Improved Urgent Communications

Instead of rumors around the water cooler, Cyrano helps you deliver "Breaking News" and crucial updates with the clarity of video messaging securely via email, SMS, Slack, or through the Cyrano App and Platform.

Precedence for Urgency

Set precedence for breaking news and critical updates that should not go unwatched. Video messaging from the top brings urgency and clarity to your entire organization.

Recording options for Breaking News

HD Capture

HD Capture allows you to reach all your employees at once by quickly recording your ‘Breaking News’ video and sharing it all in beautiful 4K quality. Keep your staff updated and deliver urgent news in a timely manner.

HD Capture + Pro Editing

Turn your time-sensitive ‘Breaking News’ updates into pro edits with the help of our production team. Our editors will trim your footage, clean up your audio, and edit the whole thing together.


Camera shy? No worries. Cyrano’s Chrome plugin supports screen sharing, so you don’t have to be on camera to get in front of your organization. Our plugin lets you present slides, share documents, explore websites, or anything else you can fit on your screen.

Screenshare + HD Capture

Bring a personal touch to your presentations by recording your screen and yourself at the same time. Toggle between documents, slides, website, your camera, and anything else you want to share.

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