Cyrano Video Expert Resources

The Cyrano Video Solution is Broken into Six Simple Steps


Our Video Expert team is dedicated to making sure every video you create is well thought-out before you press record. That’s why your CSM is dedicated to helping you craft storyboards for each video you’re hoping to create

Take a look at some of our storyboards to see how we make your ideas come to life!

Software Training

Before we create your first video, we’ll want to make sure we get you trained on how to utilize the Cyrano system. This includes:

  • How to set up a recording session based on your storyboard
  • Where to look for recordings you’ve made in Cyrano
  • How to share video content
  • Automation setup for mass video creation

Setting Up the Cyrano Studio Kit

In this video overview, you’ll learn exactly how to best set up the Cyrano studio kit. This covers everything from:

  • Unboxing the equipment
  • Setting up the backdrop
  • Assembling the lighting kit
  • Putting together the phone stand
  • Best practices for filming


Your dedicated Video Expert will be present for you first filming. This is to ensure the video comes out looking as professional as possible! Your CSM will be coordinating with you to book this.

Before filming, take a look at some tips & tidbits from our knowledge base on how to look great in front of the camera.


After you’ve filmed your video content, it’s important to present all of the right resources to our edited team should your video require touchup from our Creative Services.

This video walks through exactly how to fill out this form so you can get your edited video back as soon as possible.

Here’s a link to our Pro-Edit Form.

Continued Ideation & Support

Cyrano wants to continue creating new and engaging video content with you! Your CSM will continue to provide regular support for ideation and creation.

To view more ideas and tutorials on your own, check out the following pages:

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