10 Videos For Urology Practices

Urology practices greatly benefit from incorporating video into marketing and patient education efforts.

You likely already know about video’s superior ability to convey information. But with so much information to convey you may be struggling to focus on the most important topics. That’s where Cyrano comes in!

10 Videos Urology Practices Need to Make

We’ve created a list of 10 basic video types that are essential for quick, thorough communication. They can be grouped into three categories: Patient Engagement, Practice Promotion, and Education.

Patient Engagement

  1. Introduction to Urology: Provide an overview of urology. Doing this introduces potential patients to the specialty and helps them understand what to expect during an appointment.
  2. Physician Profiles: Highlight your expertise as a urologist by sharing your knowledge, skills, and qualifications. Sharing your expert insight establishes you as a trusted authority in your field.
  3. Appointment Reminders: Ensure smooth sailing for your patients’ appointments. Send them a video containing any information they’ll need to know beforehand. Remind them of their scheduled time, how early they should show up, where to go, and give them an idea of what to expect when they arrive.

Promote Your Practice

  1. Patient Testimonials: Ask satisfied patients to share their success stories and showcase the positive impact of your urology practice.
  2. Device Showcase: Videos can demonstrate how a medical device works, its features and benefits, and how it can improve patients’ quality of life.
  3. Event Marketing: Use videos to promote events, campaigns, and initiatives related to urology, from prostate cancer awareness month to in person trade shows all year round. Need help making an impression with your event outreach?


  1. How to Perform a Self-Exam: This can help patients identify any potential issues early on and seek medical attention if necessary.
  2. Urological Treatments: This can help patients understand the latest treatment options available to them and make informed decisions about their care.
  3. Common Urological Procedures Explained: A video that explains some of the most common urological procedures, such as cystoscopy or vasectomy, and what patients can expect before, during, and after the procedure.
  4. Living with a Urological Condition: A video featuring patient testimonials and advice for living with a urological condition can help patients feel less alone and provide them with strategies for managing their condition.
Consumers are looking for informative and engaging content they can access quickly and easily. By creating video content, urologists can attract new patients and stand out from the competition.Learn more about how Cyrano is making a difference for urologists, other medical device companies, and the rest of the healthcare industry.