Video Software Made Easy

The Cyrano Studio app facilitates everything from content creation and management to distribution!

Content Creation Made Easy

We bring flexibility to video creation. Easily produce high-quality videos even with your tight schedule!

Record what you want

The Cyrano Studio app lets you create any video (or podcast!) you can imagine. In a time crunch? Our app includes hundreds of storyboards you can use to jumpstart your video production.

Still not enough time? Use our hands-free options to quickly engage your audience! Cyrano Stock contains an evergrowing library of content for holidays and observances. And in case you want to create something special, your personal Account Manager is always there to help.

Record how you want

Easily record yourself on-camera with the Cyrano Studio app, available for IOS and Android.

Additionally, our web browser extension allows you to record your screen. Consider recording Screen & Cam to give your audience a more interactive experience.

You can also create audio-only podcasts for regular series or just for those days you don’t feel like getting on camera!

Record when you want

The Cyrano Studio app lets you assign Recording Tasks to yourself and team members, so everyone can record their part of the video at their convenience. Recording Tasks include scripts and talking points, which can be read off the screen during recording using our helpful teleprompter feature.

Using our Bluetooth enabled remote, you can easily stop and start recording from the app without getting up to interact with your phone every time! This enables Power Recording, which means you can complete all your Recording Tasks in one short sitting – saving you an enormous amount of time over traditional recording methods!

Make it your own!

Once it’s recorded, you can submit your video to our team of professional editors for some help. Cyrano Studio features an interactive editing tool, streamlining requests and revisions so you can collaborate with our editors in real time.

You can also take things into your own hands with standard video editing tools available in the app: trim, crop, and image overlays. Cyrano Studio also helps you stay ADA compliant with editable closed captions and transcriptions.

Content Management Made Easy

Our video software offers complete control – letting you store, approve, and customize your content!

Organized Content Storage

Cyrano Studio offers plenty of space to store your entire video library – as well as images, music, and more.

Camera-to-cloud technology means recording in the app uploads your footage directly to the cloud, allowing you to quickly and easily organize your content. You can download your videos at anytime, and all your content is 100% yours to own forever.

Compliant Approvals Systems

We’re serious about our responsibility to keep healthcare communications private. Secure code authentication and in-app viewer controls let you customize the audience for each video.And for the creation side, the accounts in your organization are assigned roles which control their access to the video library – so any account without access to edit or approve content won’t be able mess anything up!

Secure & Targeted Distribution

Reach your audience wherever they are! Using our app, you can quickly share your content with any audience through email, SMS, or social media.

You can also get customized embed codes to show content on your website and intranets. These embed codes also boost your SEO!

Seamlessly upload videos to your YouTube channel with our YouTube integration, truly using Cyrano Studio for every step of the process. Finally, send your audience a link to a customized Cyrano viewpage, where they can engage through CTAs, comments, polls, and by sharing the video themselves (if you allow them to!).

Analysis for Improvement

Cyrano Studio keeps track of your video’s performance with to-the-minute statistics, so you know how to adjust your strategy for next time!

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