Cyrano Event Marketing

Captivate before, during, and after your trade show or conference.

Prepare to connect with prospects like never before! Cyrano’s Event Marketing service keeps your audience engaged from start to finish.

Before the Show

Our pre-show videos will engage your audience and attract more visitors to your booth. Get a headstart for a successful show – just give us the conference details, and we’ll handle the rest!

Meet the Faces Behind the Brand

  • Team Introduction Videos
    Showcase expertise, highlight unique skills, and increase familiarity. This builds trust and credibility for networking with attendees, making it essential for your event marketing strategy.
  • Company Overview
    Answer common questions about your company so you can talk about more interesting things at the event.

Stay Geared for the Event

  • Timed Alerts
    Post frequent reminders through outreach campaigns – particularly on social media. This maintains engagement and solidifies your message in your audience’s head.
  • Special Offerings
    Tease giveaways to drum up excitement.

At the Show

Lights, camera, action! Use our on-site studio at the event to record as many professional videos as you want. Our Video Experts will be there to make sure you look and sound your best, and our fast turnaround times mean you’ll have your videos within days.

Cover More Ground with Fewer Steps

  • Testimonials
    Show off your company’s effectiveness with stories from clients.
  • On-Demand Webinars
    Bring your physicians into the studio to educate patients on commonly asked questions.
  • Announcements
    Record messages from your team about upcoming news.

Got Something Else in Mind?

  • Let’s create something unique!
    Work with us before the show to script out a special video idea, or to create custom graphics for your videos.

After the Show

Maximize your post-conference success with personalized follow-ups! Our top-of-the-line video quality is unmatched, with best practices to secure meetings and relationships. We’ll also create a show-stopping highlight reel to help you engage attendees and non-attendees alike.

Bringing it Full Circle

  • Personalized Follow-Ups
    Address viewers by name and build on the conversations you had at the show.
  • Generic Follow-Up
    Stay top-of-mind even if you aren’t pursuing someone specific.

Get Them Excited for Next Time

  • Highlight Reel
    Recap the event for attendees and engage people who stayed home.


Our event marketing plans are customized just for you.
Fill out this Cyrano Event Marketing request form to learn how Cyrano can transform your communication today!

Make an Impression with your Event Outreach

  • Pre-Show: Engage your target audience before the event to build excitement and increase traffic.
  • At-Show: Record valuable testimonials and anything else you can imagine at our on-site video studio.
  • Post-Show: Distribute personalized videos to follow up on conversations you had with important prospects.

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