Cyrano Video

for Hospitals

Use video to connect with your staff, patients & community like never before!
100s of healthcare organizations create with Cyrano, including

Video Creation Challenges for Hospitals

Expertise & Resources

  • Lack of necessary skills & training
  • Limited budget & outdated technology
  • Time constraints

Regulatory & Privacy Concerns

  • Strict regulations
  • Maintaining compliance
  • Data security measures

Content Strategy

  • Unsure what videos to make
  • Fail to understand the audience
  • No way to schedule or organize content

Engage Your Staff, Patients & Community

Cyrano Video lets you achieve all your video marketing, video communications, and video messaging goals – faster and more affordably than anywhere else on the market.

Video content strategy aligned with your target audiences, content themes & key messages

Personal Account Managers for video creation, on-camera training & skill development

Easy-to-use hardware and software – and we handle all content editing for you!

HIPAA, SOXX & ADA compliance using our templates and resources

100s of video templates that simplify the creation process

Closed captions & transcripts, making content accessible to the hearing-impaired

Social media distribution strategies customized for each platform

Simplified content approval processes, ensuring accuracy and compliance

Video that Promotes Services, Educates Staff & Connect Communities

CHI Health
Physician Profile

Virtual Tour
Cape Cod Healthcare

Event Promotion
Southern Coos Hospital & Health Center

Doctor’s Day
St. Beradine Medical Center

Virtual Tour
Laurel Heights Hospital

Community Outreach
Palo Pinto General

Event Invitation
Corona Regional Medical Center

Patient Education
Henderson Hospital

Q2 Update

St. Bernardine Medical Center

Heart & Stroke Walk
Northridge Hospital Medical Center

3D Mammography
St. Bernardine Medical Center

CNO Message
Copper Queen Community Center

Nurses Week
St. Bernardine Medical Center

DeTar Family Medicine Center

What Hospitals are Saying About Cyrano Video

Cape Cod Healthcare
Hear Cape Cod talk about how easy it was implementing Cyrano Video at their facility.

“The thing I really love about Cyrano is it’s super easy to use and it’s cost effective. We shoot the videos on our cell phones, we get them out in a couple of days and it’s really fast and efficient.”

Siri Nelson
President and CEO, Marshall Medical Center

“We wanted to communicate better with all of our employees. It’s so important when we have just south of a thousand employees to make sure they feel connected to the important work that we’re doing and Cyrano can help us with that.”

Dave Schreiner
President and CEO, KSB Hospital

Interested in getting Cyrano for your organization?

Interested in getting Cyrano for your organization?

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