Using Video To Strengthen Community Outreach

Local hospitals and healthcare facilities provide communities with more than just access to quality care. Community outreach, specifically with involvement and education programs, improve the quality of life for all.

There are many ways a visible presence can bring about positive impacts for the community:

  1. Sharing culturally relevant and appropriate health education
  2. Providing information to connect people to services they need
  3. Reaching out to those who need informal counseling and social support
  4. Supporting ongoing disease self-management skills
  5. Facilitating community organizing and community empowerment
  6. Communicating directly with communities who may have misinformation or are distrustful

Video is a fundamental tool to reach and support the community as a whole. A quality PSA considers the overall communication goals and understands the target population to provide relevant information. Reaching a large audience is easy through social media and email.

Here’s an example of community outreach from MedTrans Go, a B2B technology platform that provides medical practices, hospitals, and facilities with reliable medical transportation, interpretation, telemedicine, and Rx delivery for their patients:

Watch Teke Drummond, Executive Director at Penn Medicine HealthWorks, provide an overview of his health system to external audiences:

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