Efficient Video Creation: What Is It, Who Does It Benefit And How Is It Achieved?

What Is Efficient Video Creation?

Efficient Video Creation (EVC) is the ability to create video communications quickly, easily and affordably.

The EVC Standard

EVC is the Cyrano standard for creating videos. It describes where the bar is set as far as best practices for recording and distributing video. How does your current communication strategy compare with the Cyrano EVC Standard? Below are a few questions you can ask yourself to find out:

  1. Can You Get Video Communications Out The Same Day You Record?
  2. Can You Record Without Assistance?
  3. Is There A Room Or Space Dedicated To Multimedia Creation?
  4. Can You Receive Real-Time Analytics For All Communications?
  5. Are You Able To Send Out Messages On A Consistent Basis?
How Is EVC Achieved?

Cyrano makes it easy, thanks to our Pop-Up Studio Kit! We’ve designed our kits with EVC in mind. Every kit can turn any space into a recording studio in less than 10 minutes with just one person, no need for an expensive film crew.

Here’s how Rich Rasmussen, President and CEO of the Montana Hospital Association, describes his EVC process, thanks to Cyrano:

Creating a video is one thing, but measuring its impact is equally as important. Mass distribution and analytics factor into EVC as well. Cyrano software not only ensures all content is properly and securely delivered to the appropriate audience, but also tracks the entire video engagement journey with your content. Our comprehensive data shows, email statuses, open rates, unique views, click-through rates, engagement percentage and much more.

This unrivaled flexibility provides leaders with the power to create consistent video messages as well as time sensitive content.

Who Benefits? 

Attainting Efficient Video Creation benefits everyone. Local communities, staff, leadership, policy makers, patients and most importantly your wallet. Video production teams can charge up to $3,000 per minute for one video. Anything you do yourself is more affordable. EVC allows for a simpler way to tell a story. For healthcare leaders and staff, the ability to tell that story in a frequent and consistent way is essential.

An efficient communication strategy can make all the difference for not only getting important messages out to staff and patients, but also for establishing the right culture in your hospital or facility.