7 Videos All New Leaders Need To Make

With an abundance of technology, it can be difficult to know what medium works best in each situation. Because of this, leaders generally have trouble finding the best ways to be accessible to all employees.

According to Business Insider, 40-percent of employees have never met their CEO, while 21-percent of employees don’t even know what their CEO looks like.

And with the standardization of remote work, these numbers are only expected to dwindle.

As video experts, Cyrano knows video is the most effective way to reach an entire organization — especially for new leaders.

In an effort to inspire more transparency and visibility, we’ve developed a list of videos all new leaders should be making when they step into a new role.

1. Announcement

Every new leader is announced at some point. While text can be a quick and easy way to share these announcements, Cyrano makes creating an announcement video easy and requires minimal steps. You can record press conferences through Cyrano which can be automatically shared with the entire organization and then stored in Cyrano’s unlimited cloud for easy access as needed in the future.

A great way to introduce a new leader is by having a familiar face in the company sit down and interview the new leader. This gives insight to the staff and can be a form of welcome from other current leaders.

2. Video Bio

Every new leader can easily create a video bio to introduce and give background on themselves. Information like job history, education, family and hobbies can be a light hearted way for staff to get to know their new leader

3. Belief System

A Belief System video allows leaders to lay out expectations for the company or organization as a whole. This will allow for a transitional period where both the new leader and the staff are fully aware of what needs to be done and the standards of how they will get done. Leaders can clearly establish their values, mission, goals and vision for the direction they would like the organization to move in. This content can be evergreen for your organization, meaning it is always accessible for all members of the staff in Cyrano’s Corporate Youtube. This is a valuable resource to ensure everyone is on the same page and to hold leaders accountable.

4. Weekly Updates

New leaders can establish Weekly Update Videos as a standard practice during their very first week by doing a Kickoff Update. These are a way to stay in contact with the organization as a whole and to discuss everything important that happens week to week and what to look forward to in the weeks ahead.

5. Bulletins and Updates

Leaders should be creating bulletins and update videos to establish consistent communications from the top. These videos may include things like policy changes, general news and updated information, or evergreen content regarding general protocols. This keeps information easily accessible in a single place and the use of video continues to build a stronger relationship between leaders and the rest of the organization.

6. Breaking News

Cyrano brings organizations their very own newsroom for rapidly creating and distributing video, making it the perfect tool to share breaking news.For organizations whose clientele and staff depend on security, such as healthcare or financial institutions, it is important there is always a channel of communication. Cyrano is also a solution to crisis communications and management as it is built to be both HIPPA and SOX compliant. Even if your email is hacked, organizations are still able to communicate with Cyrano.

7. Recognition

Recognition Videos are also an excellent way to celebrate milestones like anniversaries and birthdays. This requires the leader to stay involved and get to know staff members just as much as it helps staff get to know their leaders.

Cyrano’s Video Solution involves solving accessibility issues while making a leader’s communication skills and effectiveness stronger through various leadership videos. To establish a strong leadership head on, make sure to use Cyrano’s guide for new leadership messages!