Cyrano Video

for Hospital Associations

Cyrano Video provides makes video for hospital associations possible!

Our all-in-one video solution is tailored to connect and engage with your staff and member hospitals.
100s of healthcare organizations create with Cyrano, including

Video Creation Challenges for Hospital Associations

Legal Considerations

  • Intricate policies and regulations
  • Complex approval processes
  • Strict privacy and legal guidelines

Expertise and Resources

  • Lack specialized skills and equipment
  • Limited budget for video production
  • Staff too stretched thin for content creation

Lacking Video Strategy

  • No video content strategy
  • No defined success metrics
  • Poor audience targeting

Engage Your Staff & Members with Video

Cyrano Video lets you spread the word about upcoming events, impactful updates, and ever-changing health initiatives. Reach your target audience faster and more affordably than anywhere else on the market.

Personal Account Manager  for video creation, strategy, and training

Streamlined approval procedures  expedite video production

Comprehensive video strategy –  know what to make, and where and when to distribute it

Customized distribution strategies  for each social media platform

Hundreds of video templates –  everything from leadership updates to event promotion

Analyze viewer engagement  to refine your strategy

Video that Keeps Your Members in the Know






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What Hospital Associations are Saying About Cyrano Video

2023 Hospital Association Round Table
Listen to our customers discuss what they love about Cyrano!

Kentucky Hospital Association
KHA staff discuss their favorite aspect of the Cyrano partnership from their annual Quality Conference.

“As we transitioned to Cyrano, the response was so positive. People enjoyed seeing a friendly and familiar face but they also appreciate the communication vehicle. Cyrano has been a great way to communicate with our staff.”

A.J. Wilhelmi President & CEO at Illinois Health and Hospital Association

It’s really helpful to have a team who understands not only the issues we’re facing in health care, but the language of health care. (Cyrano) provides recommendations and then we can take that info and use it to the benefit of our own member hospitals.”

Schipp Ames Vice President of Strategic Marketing & Communications

Interested in getting Cyrano for your organization?

Interested in getting Cyrano for your organization?

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Interested in getting Cyrano for your organization?