Health Care Associations Need An Enterprise Video Strategy

Health Care Associations play a crucial role in advancing the field of medicine and improving patient care.

To fulfill this role, health care associations must stay on the cutting-edge of technology not only in medicine, but in communication, education, and outreach as well. An enterprise video strategy equips health care associations with the necessary tools for driving progress and improving outcomes for patients.

Video for Internal Communications

Health care associations need to consistently utilize video to improve communication among team members. An enterprise video strategy facilitates real-time communication and collaboration, allowing team members to share ideas, discuss cases, and solve problems more efficiently.

Video for Training & Education

Another advantage of enterprise video strategies is how they enhance the training and education of healthcare professionals. People retain 95% of a video’s message, compared to 10% when reading text, making an enterprise video strategy a valuable resource in conveying information. Through video, health care associations can provide high-quality, engaging learning materials that will build a better foundation of knowledge and skills among their members.

Video for Community Outreach

An enterprise video strategy also allows health care associations to better share information with their patients and surrounding communities. With video, the associations can effectively communicate conditions and procedures with their patients, and get a jump on building a relationship through physician bios. Outreach through social media can also raise awareness in the broader community of potential patients. Use video to communicate urgent health risks, CDC updates, donation requests, etc.

5 ways health care associations can use video daily:

  1. Patient Education: Explain medical conditions, treatments, and procedures to help patients better understand their health and make informed decisions.
  2. Professional Development: Share the latest developments and best practices in the field, and provide valuable resources for members to use in their work.
  3. Marketing and Outreach: Promote the association’s services and programs to attract new members and raise awareness about the association’s mission.
  4. Telemedicine: Use video conferencing tools to connect with patients remotely, allowing them to receive medical care from the comfort of their own homes.
  5. Asynchronous Meetings: Instead of traveling to meetings or sending printed materials, allow members to consume information on their own time, resulting in a more cost-efficient way to communicate.

View more use cases here!

In conclusion, health care associations can benefit greatly from using an enterprise video strategy. Whether you’re looking to improve communication among team members, enhance the education of healthcare professionals, or share information with your members, patients, and the broader healthcare community, an enterprise video strategy is a solution that helps achieve goals and drive progress.