Improving Nurse Recruitment With Video



Attracting top-tier talent is crucial for any successful facility or hospital, especially when it comes to hiring nurses.

Nurse recruitment continues to be a sore spot for the Healthcare industry, post-COVID. The 2022 NSI National Health Care Retention & RN Staffing Report says the average cost of turnover for one staff RN is $46,100, up 15% from 2020. This cost can be mitigated by providing more detailed and transparent job descriptions, and nothing provides detail and transparency quite like a video.

Why Video for Recruitment?

Videos are easy to share and consume quickly, which means they receive more traction on social media than text- or image-only posts. Text-based job descriptions do little to convey the priorities and culture of a workplace. A recruitment video not only immediately establishes a connection with the hiring team and leadership, but also attracts the attention of professionals who could make a huge impact with both staff and patients.

5 Tips For Successful Recruitment Videos

  1. Be authentic! The way you present yourself and your facility will determine the types of candidates you’ll attract.
  2. Transparency will help ensure you hire the right fit for the position. Don’t be afraid to talk about the good and the bad.
  3. Express what makes your organization unique. Share your mission statement and what that mission means to you.
  4. Highlight special employees, especially any that the applicant would be expected to work with or report to.
  5. Empathize about the job search. It’s just as (if not more) stressful for applicants as it is for recruiters.

How Cyrano Can Help You Make Recruitment Videos

It could cost you thousands just to create two or three recruitment videos. However, with Cyrano, you can create a video for each open position and as many other videos as you want, all for a flat year-long subscription. Consider implementing Cyrano to handle your whole onboarding process with video – from recruitment to training to day one expectations and more!

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