10 Videos For Hospital Associations


Hospital associations need to effectively communicate with their three key audiences: member hospitals, staff and local communities.


Timely, targeted communication ensures quality care and a smoothly running organization. If you’ve been following us for a while, you know video is hands-down the most efficient way to reach any audience. Need more convincing?

10 Videos Hospital Associations Need to Make

Many hospital associations understand the value of video, but struggle to know what videos they should be creating. That’s where Cyrano comes in.

We’ve created a list of 10 basic video types that will help hospital associations get started. These videos are essential for quick, thorough communication, and they can be grouped into three categories: Leadership Communication, Staff Strengthening and Community Connection.

Leadership Communication

  • Weekly Updates keep your team on the same page. This video type and some others we’ll be mentioning are most effective when they’re consistent. Your audience will come to expect these updates – don’t leave them in the dark!
  • Breaking News Updates are similar, but carry urgency. When you have important info that needs to be shared ASAP, such as a weather or health emergency, don’t wait to add it to your regular weekly update. Get your breaking news out before it becomes old news.
  • Employee Recognition is one of the most important video types on this list. Use these videos to give hardworking staff the spotlight they deserve. Don’t just give lip service either! Award your staff with meaningful and motivating certificates, gifts, or bonuses.

Staff Strengthening 

  • Recruitment Videos are a genius way to showcase why your organization is an awesome place to work. Build an instant connection with applicants and improve your chances of hiring the perfect candidate.
  • Training & Onboarding Videos get new hires started on the right foot. Set expectations, visually demonstrate work functions, and quickly update staff on new machinery or equipment.
  • New Hire Highlights involve introducing a new hire to the team. Break the ice right away by warmly welcoming them to their new work family.

Community Connection

  • Physician Profiles give the background and education of a physician, helping to build trust with patients.
  • Virtual Tours allow potential patients to learn about what your facility offers from the comfort of their couch. Showcase what makes your facility special, and be sure to embed this video on your website!
  • Patient Testimonials inspire and comfort viewers who are experiencing similar situations. These honest videos are perfect for converting potential patients.
  • Educational Videos inform your community about different conditions, procedures, and treatment options. Tailor these videos to the time of year by releasing them around related seasons, holidays and observances.

Each of these videos are extremely impactful and frankly essential for hospital associations. But how do you create and distribute them?

Cyrano makes video production quick and easy! Check out some of the videos Cyrano has helped hospital associations create.