4 Easy Ways To Thank Your Healthcare Professionals!

Hospital and healthcare staff consistently provide compassion and excellent care, often for people experiencing the worst moments of their lives. We all know nurses, physicians and administrators who have gone above and beyond in the line of duty — and they deserve an authentic and meaningful “Thank you!”.

Here are our suggestions for 4 quick and easy ways to show your gratitude:

  1. Cyrano Programs/Montages

    Using a Cyrano Program means multiple people can combine their thank yous into a single video postcard. Whether it is clips of a staff member’s family, departmental team, or a heartfelt message from various leaders, Cyrano easily and automatically combines media clips to create a meaningful video. Deserving staff members will receive a text message letting them know there is a video waiting for them. They can then download and keep the memories forever.

  2. Cyrano Video Shoutouts

    Recording a video expressing gratitude and celebrating hospital staff members or a team is a gesture they can relive over and over. With Cyrano, you don’t need to be an expert in video editing, you simply have to press Record.

  3. Floral Arrangements or Cards

    Flowers and small planted pots are another great option that can bring a smile to anyone’s face. With endless varieties of plants and blooms you have options to purchase or create your own arrangements. Personalize your gift further by writing out a heartfelt message to a staff member who was there for you when your health had taken a hit is always impactful.

  4. Healthy Treats and Snacks

    Food can provide energy and nourishment or simply be a comfort in times of stress. If you enjoy cooking or baking, show your appreciation with a home cooked meal or healthy snacks. We recommend making snacks portable as nurses are on their feet during the majority of their shifts and could benefit most from portable snacks which provide energy to get through long hours.