The 5 Unique Values Of Cyrano Video

Cyrano is an asynchronous video solution empowering hospital & healthcare leaders to create, manage and distribute video content to employees and patients at a cost and scale never imagined.


1. Equipping and Enabling

Our hardware sets every customer up for long term success with video communications. Our Pop-Up Studio Kits turn any room into a recording studio. Each kit comes with a backdrop, studio lights, microphones, camera and tripod stands as well as bluetooth remotes. This alone saves you tens of thousands of dollars on equipment alone. Our video capture and editing capabilities allow you to record and customize video no matter where you are, directly from your phone or web browser.

2. Train On-Camera Talent

Next, our video experts begin training the on-camera talent. It is our experience that while many leaders are great behind a podium, most need some guidance when in front of a camera. Each of our clients are assigned a Customer Success Manager, who is your virtual producer and director. Our experts develop successful video strategies and provide pre-production support including: on-camera training, teleprompter practice, ideation and video concepting, project management, storyboarding, scheduling and finally best practices for using Cyrano hardware and software. These practices build confidence and trust between the Cyrano team and clientele, ensuring a long lasting and productive relationship.

3. Automatic Uploads from Camera to Cloud

Video takes up a lot of memory and space on any device. Cyrano’s software is designed to make uploading videos quick and simple. Your videos will upload directly to the cloud from our studio app, mobile app or desktop extension to keep space open on your personal or work devices. Once you are ready to start recording, our software takes the recorded video clips from “camera to cloud” where our Creative Services team takes the raw footage for editing and post-production.

4. Instantly Share Highly Produced Videos

Our Creative Service team consists of talented video editors, sound engineers, graphics designers and animators. This expert team stitches clips together, adds overlays, music and graphics producing a finished product, with a quick turnaround time, that will wow audiences. Once the content is finalized and ready to be shared, our software allows you to distribute through several methods: email, SMS, post to social media platforms or YouTube, as well as embed on your website or intranet.

5. Real-Time Engagement Analytics

The last thing you should know about Cyrano is our in depth and real-time analytics. You can gauge your team’s performance and engagement as they interact and consume your video content. Our analytics capture viewership and video engagement so you know who is watching, when they’re watching and most importantly who’s not watching your video content.