KSB Hospital’s Video Revolution

After implementing Cyrano, KSB Hospital experienced a video revolution. In 13 months, the hospital created nearly 600 videos, and roughly 80,000 minutes of viewed content. Cyrano’s video strategy established a trusted connection between leadership and staff.


“We wanted to communicate better with all of our employees. It’s so important when we have just south of one thousand employees to make sure they feel connected to the important work that we’re doing and Cyrano can help us with that. In less than 10 minutes, I can connect with a thousand people and send a message to one person…That’s a very powerful platform.”

-David Schreiner, President and CEO, KSB Hospital 


Cyrano helped KSB Hospital President & CEO David Schreiner, as well as his leadership team, become true Video First Communicators, by developing and implementing a video communication strategy within the hospital. Between November 2019 and December 2020, the hospital received just under 28,000 views across all video content, with viewers on average watching more than 80-percent of the video each time.



KSB Hospital in Dixon, Illinois

Katherine Shaw Bethea (KSB) Hospital is a not-for-profit, independent healthcare provider located in Dixon, Illinois with just under 1,000 employees. David Schreiner, President and CEO, wanted to establish a better communication method to reach all employees and help ensure each individual felt connected to the important work being done within the hospital. In March 2019, Schreiner began working with Cyrano to develop a more authentic and transparent communication strategy using video.


David Schreiner, President and CEO

Prior to Cyrano, KSB and Schreiner struggled to find a communication strategy which not only made him and his team more visible but also kept the hospital’s employees and volunteer leaders informed and engaged. From email to weekly blog updates, Schreiner seemingly tried every kind of text-based communication, but nothing was resonating with his employees. An employee survey revealed KSB’s staff would be more receptive to videos with specific messages and themes, including Leadership Messages and Employee Recognition shout-outs. This survey proved to be the foundation needed for Cyrano and KSB to develop a video road map to creating informative and effective content.


Video stills of David Schreiner in November 2019 (left) and June 2020 (right).

Cyrano and KSB began working immediately on implementing a streamlined video process. This included in-person visits to establish a better understanding of the video tools, software, troubleshooting, audience and most effective ways of engaging the hospital’s staff. Cyrano’s Customer Success team provided on-camera training to Schreiner and his team. As they grew more comfortable and confident behind the camera, specific use cases were developed as a means to deliver pertinent information such as breaking news, CEO weekly updates and interviews between leadership and staff members.


In a little more than a year, Cyrano transformed KSB’s culture, establishing a long lasting and effective video communication strategy. This strategy enabled the hospital’s leaders to stay visible to its employees whether on a weekly basis or during breaking news scenarios. More importantly, it resulted in a communication method which was embraced by its audience, becoming a part of the staff’s routine and a trusted source of information for years to come.