How To Properly Clean Your Camera Lens

Everyone knows their smartphones, tablets and laptops have top-of-the-line cameras built into them. But not everyone knows there is a right and a wrong way to clean those camera lenses.

Dust, fingerprints, water stains, oil residue and sand are just a few of the natural elements that can cause your videos and images to be blurry, hazy and unfocused.


The common response to a dirty camera lens is to use either your shirt or a nearby paper towel or tissue. Unfortunately, all three of these options could possibly leave your lens dirtier than it was before or even scratch the lens. In addition, using chemicals like soap or window cleaners can also damage the lens, hurting the quality of your content.


The most effective way to clean your camera lens is to use a microfiber cloth. This will absolutely ensure the quality of your content will be top notch, every time. These clothes are an inexpensive solution, specifically designed for cleaning glass surfaces, like camera lenses. They can remove problems, like smudges, almost instantly. All you need to do is gently clean it with the cloth using circular motions.

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