A Guide To New Year’s Videos With Cyrano

We believe in the power of effective communication to connect, engage, and inspire, and what better way to kick off the year than by harnessing the dynamic medium of video to convey your messages? In the spirit of embracing innovation, we advise all healthcare organizations to consider creating three specific videos to kick off the new year.


Internal Communications: Quarterly Update

The healthcare sector thrives on collaboration and dedication. An internal quarterly update video allows healthcare organizations to reflect on achievements, celebrate milestones, and outline future goals. It creates a sense of unity among healthcare professionals, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and growth. Cyrano’s engaging visual tools make it easy to showcase accomplishments, set goals, and spotlight outstanding healthcare teams.


External Communications: Resolutions and Fun!

Building connections with patients and the community is crucial. An external resolution or fun video with staff participation humanizes healthcare organizations, offering a behind-the-scenes look and fostering a sense of transparency. It’s an opportunity to share aspirations for the new year, creating a relatable and approachable image.

Cyrano’s user-friendly platform allows for the seamless creation of collaborative videos, allowing staff to record on their own schedule and participate when it’s most convenient.


Direct Communications: New Year’s Wishes

Expressing gratitude and sharing personalized New Year’s wishes with valued partners, physicians, and collaborators is a meaningful gesture. It reinforces relationships and sets a positive tone for the upcoming year. Tailor your New Year’s wishes with the unique touch of video, expressing gratitude and excitement for the collaborative healthcare journey ahead. Cyrano ensures a secure and personalized experience for your recipients.


Connect with Cyrano

Cyrano encourages all healthcare organizations to embrace the potential of New Year’s videos. Crafted with intention and guided by our templated Storyboards, these videos serve as powerful tools for connection, engagement, and growth.

Take the first step towards elevating your healthcare communication with Cyrano. Discover the power of Cyrano Video’s tailored solutions for hospitals, healthcare organizations, and physician practices. To learn more about how Cyrano Video can elevate your communication strategies, contact our team today.