5 Essential Videos To Create For Your New Hires

Utilizing videos during the onboarding process is a powerful tool that facilitates seamless transitions, fosters connections, and imparts comprehensive information. In this article, we will delve into five essential videos that you should prioritize recording for your new hires. These videos will empower them to feel well-informed, engaged, and prepared right from the outset, ensuring a positive onboarding experience.

Welcome Video From Leadership:

1. A warm and personalized welcome video from the company’s leadership team is a powerful way to introduce new hires to the organization. This video should convey the company’s mission, values, and culture, while also highlighting the team’s enthusiasm for the new employee’s contribution. Sharing insights into the company’s vision and providing a warm greeting helps create an immediate connection and sets a positive tone for the new hire’s journey.

Introduction To Policies And Procedures:

2. To ensure new hires understand the organization’s policies and procedures, create a video that covers essential information such as employee code of conduct, time off policies, dress code, IT guidelines, and other relevant protocols. This video serves as a comprehensive resource, enabling new employees to review the information at their own pace and refer back to it as needed, ensuring compliance and clarity.

Virtual Office Tour:

3. Especially as virtual onboarding becomes more prevalent, virtual office tours become crucial. This video should showcase different areas of the workplace, including common areas, departments, facilities, and important resources. By providing a visual representation of the office environment, new hires can familiarize themselves with the layout, gain a sense of belonging, and understand how different teams collaborate within the organization.

Introduction To Team Members:

4. Building connections with colleagues is an essential part of a new hire’s onboarding experience. Create a video introducing key team members or department heads, allowing new hires to put faces to their names and learn about each person’s role and expertise. This video can help new employees understand the team structure and facilitate smoother collaboration from the beginning.

Training And Development Resources:

5. The best way to support new hires’ growth and development, is providing a video overview of the training and development resources available within the organization. This can include e-learning platforms, mentorship programs, leadership development opportunities, and other relevant resources. By showcasing the company’s commitment to professional growth, this video empowers new hires to take ownership of their development and career progression.

By leveraging the power of videos during the onboarding process, you can ensure that new hires feel a warm welcome, gain important knowledge, and are equipped to excel in their roles. Moreover, integrating videos sets the stage for a positive employee experience, heightened engagement, and long-term success within your organization.

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