v team verses s team

Cyrano Vs. Synchronous Video

Welcome to the New Normal



As working from home became the new normal throughout 2020, so too did using live video conferencing to connect teams and groups.

And while this proved to be effective for virtual discussions, it also presented an array of challenges. From coordinating schedules to troubleshooting connectivity issues, live video has left a lot to be desired.

With Cyrano, users can create and present visual communication in a more personable and engaging way. Say goodbye to the struggles of synchronous video while also ditching those long emails which often go unread.

Discovering a New Way

First things first, Cyrano and live video conferencing platforms, like Zoom, WebEx or Microsoft Teams are two different services — each designed to fulfill particular communication needs.

Cyrano was created with asynchronous video communication in mind. This provides the user with the flexibility to record and watch video messages when it’s convenient. Each message can be edited and refined, providing more control over content and quality.

On the other hand, live video conferencing platforms are synchronous video communication, connecting two people or groups together in real-time. While great ideas can be discussed, it is often not advantageous for large groups to meet on one live call.

The Best of Both Worlds

Our sales representatives are asked all the time “Why do we need Cyrano when we are currently using Zoom? WebEx? Or Teams?”

This is where things get exciting. The answer is: let Cyrano work for you to take live meetings and turn them into workable video libraries that can be accessed for any number of needs.

Cyrano is here to provide a solution to better the online working experience for everyone thanks to our Zoom Integration!

  • Keep all recorded meetings in our unlimited cloud storage at a fraction of the cost.
  • Videos are transcribed instantly for those who like to read instead of watch.
  • Securely send recorded content to as many people as you like with our mass distribution services.
  • Receive comprehensive analytics to view measurements and effectiveness.