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What It Means To “Lead With Video”

To lead with video is not a new concept.

For example, the President of the United States communicates to the country almost exclusively through video updates. We are accustomed to being updated regularly by the administration and to seeing our president in front of the camera. Those who hold political office almost always become video first communicators within their communities.

This is because video has proven over and over again to be the most efficient and effective way to communicate. So why aren’t hospital or healthcare facilities using a similar approach for leadership?

Well, not every healthcare leader has the same access to the major news networks as the president or the budget to afford a production company. Even if they did, most company updates are not made public. Rather, they are exclusively for the employees.

So the question is: how can leaders create and distribute video updates to their staff on a consistent and effective basis?

The founders at Cyrano not only set out to answer this questions but also provide the solution. A platform for corporate video communications to be created, distributed and consumed.

They created hardware and software software with video capture capabilities which are unrivaled in quality. Its DIY focused approach puts the creator in control, allowing the individual to produce studio quality video at a speed, and price, which can’t be matched by any production team.

Through Cyrano, hospital and healthcare leaders can share important updates and interdepartmental communications securely within the facility. Similar to a hospital’s very own news network. Videos can be sent both 1-all and 1-1 and can have password encryption for sensitive information.

With real-time analytics the video creator will also get to see who is watching the video, and for how long they stayed tuned in. This allows for a more accurate measurement of employee engagement.

Video is the preferred method of distributing messages from leadership around the world and now that valuable communication tool is easily accessible for any healthcare facility or hospital.

Start leading with video first communications. Lead with Cyrano.