Hospitals & Facebook Engagement: Glen Oaks’ Video Revolution

Engaging video humanizes healthcare communications, capturing attention and fostering meaningful connections. This rings especially true for hospitals and behavioral health facilities, where effective communication is crucial for patient outreach and community engagement.

Glen Oaks Hospital in Greenville, TX, partnered with Cyrano Video in August of 2023 with the goal of improving their social media presence. Cyrano Video specializes in crafting content that resonates deeply with viewers. Our approach combines storytelling with captivating visuals, creating an immersive experience that sparks engagement on any platform.

The Fruits of Engaging Video

Over just five months of collaboration, Glen Oaks saw a clear pattern of success when posting Cyrano-made content. Statistical analysis reveals Cyrano-made videos consistently outperformed other post types, boasting significantly higher rates of reactions, comments, and shares.

Facebook Engagement

Take it from Noelle Carmen, Glen Oaks’ Director of Business Development. She says, “Partnering with Cyrano Video has been a game-changer for Glen Oaks Hospital. Their captivating videos have not only elevated our social media presence but have also fostered genuine connections with our community. Thanks to Cyrano, we’re not just sharing content; we’re sharing stories that resonate deeply with our audience, reinforcing our commitment to compassionate mental healthcare.”

By weaving together authentic patient stories, mental health insights, and facility updates, Cyrano-made content strikes a chord with viewers, nurturing a sense of connection and empathy. Focusing on the human audience drives engagement and reinforces Glen Oaks’ mission of providing compassionate mental health care.

Next-Generation Video Marketing

Facebook is just the start of Glen Oaks’ partnership with Cyrano Video. With our solution’s power recording capability, healthcare facilities can produce all their social media content for a whole quarter in one recording session. Cyrano Video customers are given customized content calendars to make sure no company update, achievement, anniversary goes unnoticed. Customers also receive personalized support from video experts who analyze engagement metrics, just like Glen Oaks’ Facebook success story.

Healthcare Video

We’re on a mission to help the healthcare industry amplify its message and connect with people in need. Every video made with our all-in-one solution maintains quality, branding, and the warmth of a human touch. Cyrano Video empowers healthcare facilities to tell compelling stories that resonate deeply with their audience.

With Cyrano Video, it’s never been easier to keep up with the demand for engaging video. Learn more about Cyrano Video and see what’s possible for your facility.