Making Video Marketing Easy For Physicians

Looking to use video marketing to elevate your practice’s online presence? Intimidated by the demands on your schedule, budget, and performance?

Captivating video is the best way to engage with audiences, particularly in healthcare. That’s why Cyrano Video has revolutionized the video marketing game, making creating quality video as easy as writing a prescription.

Quick and Easy Video Recording

Cyrano Video’s all-in-one solution lets you say goodbye to the hassle of traditional video production. Our user-friendly software allows you to record videos on your own time, eliminating the need for lengthy production schedules. You record what you want, and we do the rest!

With our power recording feature, you can efficiently record multiple videos in one session. Think of it as your own personalized production studio right at your fingertips!

Power Recording

Solving Camera Shyness and Creating Stars

Hesitant about being on camera? It’s natural to feel camera shy, but remember – your patients want to hear from you! Video communications create a personal connection between the creator and the audience, which is the best contribution to successful marketing. Our solution includes video experts who provide a supportive environment where you can feel confident and comfortable expressing yourself. With our guidance and expertise, you’ll be a natural in front of the camera in no time!

Still unsure? Cyrano Video hosts a roster of star talent that will happily deliver your marketing message for you. Choose whoever you feel best fits your brand, and we’ll make sure they nail the performance.

New Generation Video Production

After recording, your clips are sent to our editing team, who ensures each final video is crafted with the same branding and quality standards in mind. This is how we maintain consistency even after a hundred videos! Whether it’s patient testimonials or educational clips, every video reflects your professionalism and expertise.

Not only that, but our editing team delivers final videos within a week of recording – often as quickly as two days after!

Affordable Video Marketing that Reaches Your Audience

What good are hundreds of quality videos if your audience won’t see them? Cyrano Video’s experts ensure that your content is strategically distributed across relevant platforms, maximizing your visibility and engagement. From social media to email campaigns, we’ll help you create compelling marketing videos that we’re sure will increase your engagement.

Facebook Videos Performance

A promise like that may not be enough to console worries about the cost of a video production service – but worry not! Cyrano Video offers flexible pricing options that cater to your budget. Our streamlined process is designed to fit seamlessly into your practice, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily routine and maximum benefit to your marketing strategy.

Want to see what Cyrano Video can do for your practice? Request a demo today!