Video That Engages Behavioral Health

Video That Engages Behavioral Health Audiences

Marketing outreach for the behavioral health industry has a clear goal – deeply connect with audiences to raise awareness about critical services.

Whether facilities aim to address mental health or substance abuse concerns, promote self-care practices, or inform about their service lines, the goal is to make a positive impact on their communities’ lives.

Behavioral Health Audiences

Who’s Behavioral Health’s audience?

At the heart of behavioral health are humans seeking help and genuine connection. Hungry for authentic, relatable content, this audience is active online but may not be searching out behavioral health facilities on their own. Instead, they’re scrolling through social media feeds, engaging with content that resonates with their experiences and emotions.

Cyrano Video research has confirmed that social media audiences engage more with heartfelt video than static images or videos devoid of story. Human stories told through video leave a lasting impression on audiences, connecting their needs with a compassionate solution.


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Cyrano-made videos are dynamic, immersive, and engaging. We weave narratives, evoke emotions, and spark meaningful conversations between behavioral health facilities and potential patients.

How can Behavioral Health keep up with video marketing demand?

Video pre- and post-production requires time, effort, and expertise – especially when creating meaningful content for healthcare. Navigating sensitive topics in mental health and substance abuse with compassion adds another layer of complexity.

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Cyrano Video is an all-in-one video solution that drastically lightens the load for behavioral health facilities. With our streamlined platform and user-friendly features, we handle everything for you except the recording (and sometimes we DO handle the recording!). We help you focus on telling your facility’s story instead of getting lost in the nitty gritty of video strategy.

We understand the unique needs of behavioral health professionals. With customizable templates, built-in compliance tools, and a team of professional video experts, Cyrano Video is the ultimate solution for creating videos that resonate with your audience.

Ready to revolutionize your video marketing game? Check out what Cyrano Video can do for your facility.