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Improve Hospital Internal Marketing with Video

Effective internal marketing is crucial for hospitals to thrive. However, many hospitals face challenges in engaging, informing, and retaining their staff.

Research has shown for years now that video is the way to connect to people, especially tired staff members who feel detached from the impact of their work. But traditional video production clashes with hospitals’ notoriously tight budgets and schedules – so why stay traditional?

Cyrano Video is revolutionizing the way healthcare makes video, leading to employees who are more informed, engaged, and connected to the mission of their facility.

Video for Recruitment & Training

Make an amazing first impression with recruitment and training videos! By leveraging Cyrano Video for recruitment and training, hospitals can streamline their hiring processes and onboard new staff more efficiently.

Create engaging recruitment videos on the fly, providing a personal touch to job listings and offering potential candidates a glimpse into the hospital’s culture. This can improve retention rates by reducing any feelings of bait and switch in your candidates.

You can also save time as well as ensure comprehension among your staff by creating standardized training videos. Cyrano Video’s solution allows for quick video edits (often same day!) making future adjustments easy as pie. Keep your staff trained up and confident in their quality of work.

connect with qualified job seeker
Connect With Qualified Job Seeker 

Video for Informing & Engaging

Keeping hospital staff informed and engaged is essential for maintaining a cohesive and productive work environment. Cyrano Video’s campaign feature enables you to produce a weekly update series effortlessly, ensuring that everyone stays on the same page without overwhelming schedules or budgets. All you need to do is record your content and send it in to our editing team. Hospitals can receive polished videos in as little as one day, effectively communicating events, process changes, and other important information to their staff. Through the power of video, hospitals enhance information retention and foster better engagement among their teams.

Video for Retention & Appreciation

Employee retention continues to be a pressing concern for hospitals, and fostering a sense of connection and appreciation among staff members is key to addressing this challenge. Cyrano Video offers hospitals a platform to connect with their staff on a deeper level. Highlight staff accomplishments, celebrate holidays and observances, and reinforce your shared mission and vision by frequently communicating through quality video content. Video lets hospitals cultivate a positive work culture and boost staff morale, contributing to higher retention rates.

Coonect with your staff
Connect with your staff

Video for Your Internal Marketing Strategy

A video-first internal marketing strategy transforms the way hospitals engage with their staff. By addressing recruitment, training, information dissemination, and employee appreciation, Cyrano Video empowers hospitals to build stronger connections with their teams and enhance overall organizational effectiveness. Embracing Cyrano Video as a tool for internal marketing leads to improved staff satisfaction, higher retention rates, and ultimately, better patient care. Let’s create a healthier and more connected workplace!

See what Cyrano Video can do for your internal marketing strategy.