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Secure Video Creation for Healthcare Organizations

Video fosters genuine connections with patients, staff, and stakeholders. But how can healthcare organizations stay secure and compliant while creating content?

Video is a powerful tool for engagement, but concerns about patient privacy, compliance with HIPAA and ADA regulations, and legal implications often deter healthcare organizations from using video to its full potential. Cyrano Video offers a secure and streamlined solution designed to address these concerns, allowing healthcare providers to communicate effectively while maintaining control over sensitive information.

control over sensitive information

Video that Respects Patient Privacy

Patient privacy is paramount in healthcare video communication, and Cyrano Video ensures that privacy is upheld at every step of the process. Our platform treats patient information with the utmost respect, only editing content that has been approved by authorized personnel. Healthcare providers can record private videos for patients and distribute them securely without breaching security rights or compromising patient confidentiality.

Video for Your Target Audience (and only Your Target Audience)

Cyrano Video prioritizes precision in audience targeting to ensure that content reaches the right people securely. Our secure platform centralizes all content, allowing users to control each video’s audience, distribution destination, and viewer analytics. By leveraging our platform, healthcare providers can confidently disseminate information to specific audiences while maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements.

Video that Mitigates Legal Concerns

Cyrano Video’s regulated approvals system alleviates legal fears. Our platform empowers healthcare providers to tell their organization’s stories, guaranteeing them the final word on content approval. With Cyrano Video, healthcare organizations can create and distribute engaging video content while adhering to legal and regulatory standards.

Secure Healthcare Video with Cyrano

Healthcare organizations recognize the importance of video content in enhancing communication with patients, staff, and stakeholders. However, concerns about patient privacy, regulatory compliance, and legal implications have hindered widespread adoption. Cyrano Video’s solution is specifically designed to address these challenges, offering a secure and streamlined platform for handling sensitive information. Schedule a demo to experience how Cyrano Video can transform communication in your healthcare organization.

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